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Intervention Transitions Phase Model

Intervention Transitions phase model is generating a projection to the Dec 21 2018 Solstice gate- this has been a year long intensive field calibration to move out the higher level infections from the Christed Grids/Harmonics...all aspects of the light fields are undergoing deep release from false light infections and insertions to release false ascension matrix holograms from the fields.

The New timelines seeded from the Dec 21 2017 inception points commenced the Twin Flame Field of One time lines. These lines are clearing so deeply to be within the New Fields without the karmic ,false light, AI infections hi jacking through the ranges. We have seen many people, including fellow light workers drop away from our inner circles or friendships as the fields continued to call up delineation through the gates of this past year.

Combing and scrubbing, being held in quarantine many obstructions can now be released to their appropriate fall zone for completion allowing the sovereign light being to advance unobstructed or delayed. Bottom line, no rock will be left uncovered and no form of magic can be used to truly release until the experience is rationalized through harmonic resonance of recognition within allowance held to neutralization without decay factor applied.

The Intervention has been a time space insertion to deliver tonal override into devastation where the markers or primary beings had been fooled/ manipulated and tricked into lower light patterning for the harvesting potentialities within the recreative plan. This now has all been reset and new adaptations for field proportions are running concurrently to the fall streams and situations.

The spectrums have allotted much grace and yet are asking that we listen and turn in to do the work. Release from the external fixations and rediscover our innate abilities and configurations. As the Guardians of the Star Realms harmonize into the New sectors of deliverance through the light models we are running repairs and coordination for the incoming stellar infusions and future potential gateways.

To run overview through this now timestamp the parallel gate sequence interfaces for the walk in field ordering have been seeded through the summer 2017 Solar Eclipse gate phase. These models have been and are being transferred through the light modelling infrastructures to build tonal resonance and multidimensional light processing capabilities.

We are being adjusted to our multi channels sensory system arrays to bring forward the energetic synthesis capacities of the new earth field spectrum dynamics to birth as the Omniversal field intelligences.

From within the Infinite Eternal Ones the gates sequence and are set forth to be beyond limitations of what alter field orders are presenting as reality factors. Being Beyond. Twin Flame Templates are the primary model for the field calibrations as they are union based templates and can restore the harmonic ratios through the planar interactions.

Key to be free within this TF field dynamic as the multifaceted configurations lend to much Stabilization ~ TF templating lends to imbalance if not appropriately held as adjusted. Center, find and know Still Point and be I AM as fundamentals. Blessings xo

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