Waves of Twins

June 13, 2019


As I sit to write this share after just witnessing couples of twins coming in to first time returns within the Earth. They remind me so much of what my first round of Twin Flame partnership consisted of.


Deepest connection and join on so many levels where we were a constant unified vibrational field. Blending in harmonics constantly together in connection; Love, Light, matter, anti matter.


Continuously merging deeper and beyond into and through each other we held our love as sacred, true and divine. We knew the mission, we knew the course, said and unsaid.


Even to be apart for 5 minutes seemed too long. We sat, walked, created, cried, shared. dreamt. 

We ran parallel expressions of our light field activations and witnessed the distortions all simultaneously. At times looking at each other and asking who are you? I know you and I know you not.


Waves of memories flooded the fields as we up toke in our light rapture rounds over and over ever merging into Now. 


Parallel and simultaneously bound and unbound we breathed all into our joins, into our Love, our Union. 

The notion of us being parted for any period of time space again was never even on the board of possibilities, As we where the perfects to each others heart call cries. We built our womb space of solid organic expression and deliverance. 


Yet Life Light has a Greater Mission, and the Twin Flames are called upon this course. Twin Flames as being light field progressions of activation and advancement opening up such diverse spectrums of reconciliation and light plane integrations for the All. Our Union was to part. 


At my departure, an Angel at the airport told me, "You will return" but this was not to be.


The parting felt of course as many within this progression feel, a death, a purgatory, a constant heart cry numbing of sorrow for the absence of Beloved One. A projection of reality to a future unknown and a past now filled with memories of deepest torture and pain. To say I did not smile for years was a Truth. I felt the cells in my body weakening due to the split. I felt the presence of disease ever calling as my heart sank and my soul split deeper.


Constantly Awakening deeper through my pain and disorder the Light showed the vibration of return, my  steadfast guidance. Yet the walk was another long story with so many deep patterns to sort, release, reorder. To become a Being I had once known who lived in the Light and now was to make Earth her New home. Who AM I? and how can this Be?


Now as I have come back into Union within myself as the primary I can look to my Twin Flame experience of the Divine Marriage which has taken me upon such a soul expanding ever deepening return to my Light and Love within the Human of Source Being. 


As I look to the new sets coming online I wonder...will they have to separate and live through the death and rebirth of the Beloved? Or will the path of the Light Fields now serve as Templates for others to be guided home together as One? Reunited on the Earth Planes to Source and hold ever more. 


This next few years will bring forward interesting revelations in regard to our capacity to Love , Live and be Beyond what our Human could have ever deemed as fathomable.


This is the True power of the Twin Flame in my Eyes...Beyond. A power which hones and facilitates a progression of light field capacity beyond a previously perhaps defined set point of existence...a catapult into a New Field. 


Much Love, for those who suffer know that the deliverance is at hand, you will make this transit, you can/will be Beyond.






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