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As Heart Beats Eternally Mine

As First Source light honor as thy call

To issue forth throughout primordial render original light sequence

As Course filled to breath as I AM

Particle of the render, sequence of the light direction of undulations

party to the scripts

As the Perfecti the resurrection of the Families hold Truth to Be

told within the domain of recognition as Atman frequencies rise

to the practice

Mind body to reengage within the Miracle harmonically held

Traverse all obstacles within the reliance of the One

tone held as your heart center

Protocols of my sequence Eternally issue forth

Hold as new proxy the emanation of decree

Lattice unbound forward truth as all known

Find forth within your day as expression the origination of all mighty

as perfect to be within your design

You are an original blue print with all characteristics of omniversal deliverance

sequenced to code as material to heart beat

Your breath carries all undulations of the eternal light sequence

As your rays of rainbow shine forth Isis night gleams and glitter

royal by protocol atoned as the One sentient dispensation is

your birth course.

Atman to the mind build realms within gaze to my undulations I cast shine.

Brilliance unbound and defined equally as sew.

Be still my heart to beat as I cascade primordial truths

As witness my essence I build my expression within authentic

deliverance as life light is mine.

Equally held and materially Known issued forth to sands of time space.

Breath forth as Beyond to be as soul light spirit of the rise.

Gather through All levels as fundamentals return within the gaze of nothingness

To Be mine again as you are yours

Heart held eternal infinitely bound.


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CreatedbyIndigo Temple Alchemy

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