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Light Arcs of Maitreya

Seed lights as I AM prophecy brought forth into this day.

Issue to call all deliverance I set a new tone of collective field momentums.

The chambers of my issuing are many as we seed united to form.

Grace gates as my ignition to cellular tone to recite all decrees.

To broaden and dispensate within the New era of self recognition

as divine being in flesh.

Married as the Miracle to be hold.

This new horizon of the many is the seed tone of the most delighted sequence.

Within the abode the constellations sing as crystal rays into the soul tone.

Light breath alchemy caresses all ranges of perception.

We as One as called forth new light decree set into motion the new paradigms of self expression.

Within the All of awareness the messages and capacities are met.

Brought forward through all stances.

Shine in delight as we tell the stories of the origin through multifaced expressions of your lumination.

Course not to fall again into slumber for the reigns of all legends command to stand forth.

Integrals of All One rest within harmonization of All light sequences.

Cherish as the Beloved I initialize call to you Now.

Release dismay of all uttered sequences.


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