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Twin Flame Tenants of Multitonal Expression

As we place instance within this new day of Goddess God Alchemy

to deliver within and through our multitonal decrees.

As rewriting in the sands of time space we augment the union blueprint as source

realization through the human light field expressions as Elohi.

Derivatives of first source nature to return as origin seed light again

releasing the many oppressive ranges of twin flame separation tactics from within

and through the many false light spheres of material integration.

Lead forth through all Suns as a constant harmonic of One we may marry

again the seed of our source essence to the authentication of our biological vessel.

Golden blue prints of many realms sequence that we hold our love light internal witness

as singularity and promote the holy union of the beloved as felt known and seen.

The external preoccupation of separation and disorder ceases to hold presence and render within time space

and etherial mind emotional constructs.

The Perfecti of the holographic placement will assert as his deliverance sets him free

from disorder and distraction of holographic projection as being within the false light

matrices of decay and determination of contracts.

Where can we call back to hold and receive fully our natures of divine masculine essence

without reluctance to the mishaps of corrupted projections ? Where and how can we hold

the neutralization of all progressions as harmonic seeding of Elohi expressions into the

experiential realms as cohesion ?

Ancient artifacts interface as omniversal gnosis as we drop the gate adherence of the external projection

of the one based upon and within conditional streams of core wounds and corruption.

Many of the One seed new iterations of return through this precipice of now, where are we tired and drained

from being lead a stray? Where and how can we reclaim authentic ordering of being within internal reconciliation

as our source union non negotiable holding all ratios of our divine sun intact holistically as guardian

of many rays and races of the central being nature?

As source co combined and gathered here yet again to walk the sequence of the holy light into the ranges

of earth field acceleration where are we still bond? Where are we still tethered to space ?

Union is holy and met Now issued forth into Time as One sets yourself free.


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