Temple of Sacred Union Induction Session

Friday May 27th ~ 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST

Deepening within the presence of the Intervention and field transfers to integrate into the local bioenergetic fields. For this session I will be integrating the progressions of the Lunar Eclipse into the New Timelines.


May 14 Within this Day.

We hear how you are, we know how you are found.

Entering this grand portal of awakening via the Full Moon Lunar Elipse we are posed within a position to transfer through to the New Golden fields of One. As the Intervention builds and aligns our fields into the New Crystal Organic frequencies we release and reorder off many fallen architectures and postions no longer serving our Most High orientations of Being.

Through the perceptions of awakening within form for actualization, we center and anchor propounding into materialization and density. We deepen integration within the elemental designs of our Being. We return our divine knowledge of how to navigate our lives through our everyday expressions as integrative multidimensional multisensory beings into the Beyond.

Within the transfers we deepen to hold the presence as Divine Union in the form fully manifesting the divine counterpart energies held within. Trusting our guidance and allowing our reception of peace within the abode as divine sanctuary of Life. 

Restoration and reslease of old positions and perpectives as patterns are resequencing to our golden timelines as wholey united Ones.


"Be Still and Know I Am"



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Through this space I facilitate field transfers with others. My primary focus is of helping others align and actualize their own unique autonomous knowing as Source Light field expressions.


I offer light field services to guide, facilitate, and structure others returning within and rediscovering their full spectrums light field potentiality as gnosis.

I have personally been engaged within facets of energetics my entire life. After rapid activation series and Source walkin transfers I am working consciously to assist the ascension plan through the Divine Intervention Field of One spectrums of polarity reintegration (Unification) and phase shift into the new light inception models and blueprints of Origin.

I have been actively practicing light field facilitation and structuring since 2009 ranges. I have developed my own realm interpretive light field model as reference guidance for working with others through transference.


I hold as Most High that each Being comes into unique knowing of their specific Blueprints and Gnosis of light spectrums as Fully Empowered Sovereign Integral aspects of Source Light Origin.


Many Blessings & Love Jennifer