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Union July 9 2024CreatedbyIndigo
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* New I have opened 30 min sessions for those new to modeling or for those whom require a short boost or calibration. * I will work to place you in asap* 

** Opened new calibrations for Abundance Templating page up above

 ** New recording posted July 7th Thank you- please inbox me your results.

We are Being harmonically re fired through the Sirian Blue print Genesis recoding of Original Arc Bloodlines of the Atonement. 


Current Energetics Intervention Source Light Spectrums

July 9, 2024

Sirian Temples of the Sky illuminate within Arrival to our Human Bodies updating to Blue Being Bodies of Light-Intercepts of Sirius open again within the Earth Halls.

Divine Union :

DM- Source Walk in of the Logos Of I AM presents within the Grand Union of the Source Intervention- this field will check for your remaining pivots outwards and your fragmented Fall zones. Blue Being interpretive models guide this expression into your physical body.

DF- Rays of the Rose, releases of Ancient Records encode to the Time Space lifting off delay and promoting the Madonna architecture. She is the One holding the Light deliverance and in turn allows the supports to return. 

I Am protected, I AM guided, I AM held, I AM Known, I AM secured, I AM stable, Divinely sealed. 

Neo Updates

July 9 6:30 PM EST 

Blue Being interpretations advance to the human levels of consciousness for immediate Intervention resequencing of realties and timeline splits. 

Note for Distractor energies pulling you out of center- return within and build within Stillness. This is a potent portal take your space and develop your sanctuary of attunement. 


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Leaf Pattern Design

CreatedbyIndigo Temple Alchemy

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