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Welcome to the Otherside of Light Orientations where we prepare to be as New light presentations within the planes of realities.

We are here now to promote the energies of sovereign integral  presence and light signatures. 

From within this Now grand portal gate of return, of I AM, we seed the impressions of Source Field contact and immersion through each light life expression.

We invite all who resonate to this message to find your unique voice and expression of field presence.

Power is held within uniqueness and specifics of each fundamental being.


The more refined and defined through our singularity we produce original clarity and commitment to our core essence.

Energy Shifts of Source Origin Mar 26 2020:

~Grace & Gratitude as Being within The Otherside~

The Fall is initialized to the material and will take time to process through the fields of the density. All that was shifted as reorder through the realms of the false light has to reorder can find the harmonic medium to deliver the field as balance. 

Where is your middle path? 

Much focus and orientation has moved our focus into more defined actualized New. This means we have stepped up into a more awakened robust field of consciousness.

Those beings holding the balance continue to attune the deliverance of the new harmonic ratios into the lands.

Watch the disease of preoccupation on or within any agenda and allow the right course correction to seed new transfer modulations. As in allow yourself to shift your course as identity and hold a new light factor. 



Please only submit here if you have a technical question I am not open to doing coaching via emails or receiving personal vents. Thank you for respecting my sacred space of Being during these times of shift. 

From within this space I Am here to share my Spirit Soul Lights to experience field transference co participating within peace and balance to be expressed without. 


Through this space I facilitate field transfers with others. My primary focus is of helping others align and actualize their own unique light field expressions.


I offer services to guide,facilitate, and empower others to return within and rediscover their full light field potentiality.


Blessings Jennifer




If you feel to donate to my energy shares. I thank you., the field thanks you.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada