Sacred Circle for DM & DF 12 12 Portal Integrations

Friday Dec 10 3:30-4:30 PM EDT 

Blessings all Felix Hyde and myself will hold a Flow Sacred Circle

to prep for the upcoming 12 12 gate and 12 21 transit.



Temple of Divine Union

Sunday December 19th 4 PM - 5:30 PM EST 

Hosted by Felix Hyde ( and myself.


This will be a new range of light work combining the Temple chambers holding both DF and DM field scopes to tune and calibrate.

This range will build to the Intervention portal of Dec 21, 2021 

Temple of Light Alchemy - New range for light field mapping opened. Please join member site area if you are interested and or email me directly. This range is to promote your light field within blue print authenification and development of field gnosis. 


"Be Still and Know I Am"



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Through this space I facilitate field transfers with others. My primary focus is of helping others align and actualize their own unique light field expressions.


I offer services to guide,facilitate, and empower others to return within and rediscover their full light field potentiality.


Blessings Jennifer