Greetings and Welcome

From my mission as Source Angelic walk In Fields of the Harmonies, I AM here to build the planes of transference through facilitation of Light Modeling. I work with other Source Angelics to build the light reference fields and model transfers of One's Divine Blue print. By working to develop the Sovereign Identity field scope of the singularity expanding to the collective consciousness so as light beings can walk in fully to mission and divine purpose. 

My primary focus is the Sovereign Integral re identification of Being beyond duplication, mimicking the fields of Others. We are One, and we are as well unique and defined as Original.


Moving Beyond from the what Is currently presented within the Light Fields - we move to open the Organic thresholds of the Beyond. Beyond limitations, beyond previously defined models of interpretation.  We return to present the Original Blueprints and Orderings which is rediscovered by One's own unique interpretation of Light. 

Light Work of the Sovereign Integral is now focused and authorized via the Intervention Twin Flame Field of One via Blue Print Modeling and self awareness of One's I AM field scope. By actualizing and validating One's unique patterns and signatures building Self reliance and Trust the fields of transference progress the soul templates into the Beyond.

 Within great honoring that we are here Now expressing as unified consciousness as the great Arrival of missions and unified consciousness gather to shift life and light through the Earth planetary body and beyond.

Many have been called and have presented within the awakening progressions. Now through the harmonic convergence of the Golden Gate Era we are pronounced to join again through the many expressions and orientations of our Light Being natures. We are Many and we are One. We are heart held harmonics of crystal light sequence undulating into actualization of this very day. 

We are here to build new paradigms and reality structures based within our singular expressions and divinations of blueprint spectrums. We are Source Light encoded to present the prophecies and return the Golden Grail sequences to many ranges of lost, separated, and  fallen realms. 

By Nature and Course we all hold potential to activate our inherent gifts of Light and Love to bless the Many realms of consciousness within co-creation. Where we are brave and continue to step forward through the storms we marry again as Divine.

Divine Union held within the thresholds as Sacred Gnosis of the One.  We are reunited ethereally and through the human form fields of physicalization.


"Peace Be Still and Know I Am"



Through this space I/We facilitate field transfers with others. My/Our primary focus is of helping others align and actualize their own unique autonomous knowing as Source Light field expressions.


I/We offer light field services to guide, facilitate, and structure others returning within and rediscovering their full spectrums light field potentiality as gnosis.

I have personally been engaged within facets of energetics my entire life. After rapid activation series and Source walkin transfers I am working consciously to assist the ascension plan through the Divine Intervention Field of One spectrums of polarity reintegration (Unification) and phase shift into the new light inception models and blueprints of Origin.

I have been actively practicing light field facilitation and structuring since 2009 ranges. I have developed my own realm interpretive light field model as reference guidance for working with others through transference.


I hold as Most High that each Being comes into unique knowing of their specific Blueprints and Gnosis of light spectrums as Fully Empowered Sovereign Integral aspects of Source Light Origin.


Many Blessings Jennifer





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