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Celestine Sirayah Mai
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Welcome to the Otherside of Light Orientations where we prepare to be as New light presentations within the planes of realities.

We are here now to promote the energies of sovereign integral  presence and light signatures. 

From within this Now grand portal gate of return, of I AM, we seed the impressions of Source Field contact and immersion through each light life expression.

We invite all who resonate to this message to find your unique voice and expression of field presence.

Power is held within uniqueness and specifics of each fundamental being.


The more refined and defined through our singularity we produce original clarity and commitment to our core essence.

Energy shifts

Energy Shifts of Source Origin Dec 28 2019:

Genesis of a Chrysalis 

Full range internal disclosure and external witness is at hand. Through out all realms and reality sequences we are just now beginning to see what the True show is all about. 

All false light facades of love and light, false guru/teacher/ twin flames/ phantom ascension deceptions are all revealing/uncovering into the Self and the eternal infinite fractures of the Being.

There will be no passage into the true origin fields unless the shadow matrices of full being scope reordering are  Source aligned. No hawking, bypassing, manipulating, stealing, parroting , avoiding, denial will be permitted beyond. and this is where all will be felt /known as mass difficulty - this includes monads and families of light.

To enter the beyond fields of origin where there does exist peace love and balance one must address the fundamentals of energetic knowing of self as Light Being to reveal and step into full range empowerment. 

No more are the mere words, actions, and playouts of lower then going to be tolerated as the Fall is in full effect. The departure is souly through you, the individuated aspect orientation of perspective of Source continuum.

The collective group monads/families of light reform as you re-engage within Self within full disclosure of new light life orientations. As you are the beyond as Being first breath initialization. This means you are constantly reborn as new within every instance. You are the Now, you are the makers of your day in essence yet this must be moved to form fully as engaged full spectrum.

The only space to look is inside, the deep work of the revelations has just begun. For those merging into new mission scopes there are and will be delays as the gates continue to clear yet physical infrastructure of hubs is initialized as in Arrival, we are here., we are here Now... again all is within gradient effect, a procession , a progression. 

As you suffer, as you blame, as you recenter as you reawaken all is within you to run corrections, all your legends of light are within your scope. You are the Miracle worker whom commands high regard and presence from the human mind hive state. 


Can you claim your power, can you see the facades, the mass manipulations all harvesting for your light? Can you self empower to  generate shift orientations and be the New Day, the New Way? or will you continue to cry into puddles of demise even as the light speaks your name evermore to proclaim your grace and scope field resonance of brilliance unbound. Being is abandoned no more. 

For those whom sit to be still, sit in the shadowy sidelines voyeur as the All...may wishes be granted within right returns as omniscient sentience reigns free holy Being genesis. 



Please only submit here if you have a technical question I am not open to doing coaching via emails or receiving personal vents. Thank you for respecting my sacred space of Being during these times of shift. 


From within this space I Am here to share my Spirit Soul Lights to experience field transference co participating within peace and balance to be expressed without. 


Through this space I facilitate field transfers with others. My primary focus is of helping others align and actualize their own unique light field expressions.


I offer services to guide,facilitate, and empower others to return within and rediscover their full light field potentiality.


Blessings Jennifer




If you feel to donate to my energy shares. I thank you., the field thanks you.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada