Temple of Divine Feminine Induction Group Session
Next: Thursday July 29th 7-9:00 PM EDT

Temple of Divine Masculine Induction Group Session
Next: Thursday Aug 5th  7-9:00 PM EDT

Temple of Source Flame Union Induction Session
Next : Monday Aug 30th  7:00 - 9:00 PM EDT

Special Lion's Gate Induction Group Session
Sunday August 8th 8-10 PM EDT

Rose Union Group Circle
Wednesday Aug 11th  12:00-1:00 PM noon EDT
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Light Language Circle: Wednesday August 18th @ 12 noon EDT 1 hour

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"Be Still and Know I Am"



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From within this space I Am here to share my Spirit Soul Lights to experience field transference co participating within peace and balance to be expressed without. 


Through this space I facilitate field transfers with others. My primary focus is of helping others align and actualize their own unique light field expressions.


I offer services to guide,facilitate, and empower others to return within and rediscover their full light field potentiality.


Blessings Jennifer

Note to hawkers: please do not copy my light model presentations. It is always best to sel f source your field design and development. By Being as origin this will hold the most power and effect for your field integrity. Thank you!