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Blessings the Beings I work with are those whom are facilitating, wish to commence mission in facilitation  or primary grid anchors of the Intervention Source Plan.


My primary energetic focus is Holographic Blueprint Modeling facilitating via the Languages of Light for  greater awareness/function as One's light field spectrums within development of the Interpretive Light Field Model of Source I AM. 

Attributes of my work include: Realm Identification, coordination, specification, field correction, attunement, activation, balancing, harmonizing, plane orientations, channel integrations, phase ordering, technical interface development, interpretive light synthesis, lineage mapping, union harmonization, twin flame calibration, blue print integration, actualization, mission scope orientations, languages of light ordering, hall integrations.

I specifically customize my session modeling flow to include all the above attributes as per guidance of the Source I AM and each persons teams and blueprints held within Divine Timing and Order.

 1) Holographic Modeling ~Energetic  ReStructuring 

I facilitate to reorder your energetic light field structure so as

you can build your own recognition of your light scope.

1 hr  / $288.00




                          2) Intervention Modeling ~ Induction Flow Transference Mapping


For those advanced within the Intervention models we will build deeper into your energy mapping via flow induction.

* For this session work previous sessions of flow mapping structuring and coaching are required so as your field is prepared to hold the light.




                                                                        1.30 hr / $355.00                      



                   Please email me prior to  first time booking to see if we are a match to work.

Please be mindful of session time allocations- * so please prep your field to seal back into your own sacred space by being mindful of the energetic balance/exchange within this work. If we do run over session time allotment and you wish to add balance to the exchange of energy you may donate the difference. Thank you


3) * Remote Flow Sessions for Field Calibrations

Series of 5 - 10 min remotely recorded sessions run as I am guided where I check your field structures, run calibrations, and adjust signature ratios.  This works in conjunction with session work to hold your fields stable. The flows are run within the scope of session work.


4) New - If you are new to light modeling work or feel a short boost to your fields I offer a 30 min session.                                                             

                                                                          30 min $155.00


All work is done remotely via Zoom Call not video. I am located in within EST zone.  Please prepare to be sitting or laying down comfortably giving yourself quiet time prior and following.

Please submit session payment via PayPal link I will then contact you to book a time . 

If you email me prior to payment to book please note if I arrange a session/time you are responsible to follow through with payment prior to our session otherwise I will cancel the session. 

You may then email me your questions and concerns for the session prior to our work once I have emailed you the session link. Thank you!

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