Activation and Alignment for New Earth Facilitators

I AM here to harmonize your fields where the focus of light work is to bring one into stability/balance/activation beyond the 12D False Ascension Matrix. We work to align and attune/initiate Mission and personal field light structure of Empowered Sovereign Integral Light Model

In the session work we work together to open your field ranges human to Source - the ranges which open are the ones in which you are most ready to receive and activate. We are in channel flow together and enter induction to transfer through many realms of energetic states. 

So if you are a healer, or interested in activation of your light worker missions of origin this session work maybe a fit for you.

I am opening to work with Twin Flames experiencing difficulty within transitions coming into full scope union. This work includes to build through the sovereign integral aspects of your field so not just souly focused on another person.

Sessions are a step up progression- once we run a few you will activate and move to coaching so as you uptake your own field proportions - not to be codependent on others to souly adjust your fields.

                                                                          1 hr  / $150.00 

Please be mindful of session time allocations- I will go over by 15 min no more then this* so please prep your field to seal back into your own sacred space by being mindful of the energetic balance within this work. You may email me questions after session if you require.






All work is done remotely via Zoom Call. I am located in within EST zone.  Please prepare to be sitting or laying down comfortably giving yourself quiet time prior and following this work as this takes 24-48 hours to reintegrate fully.

Please submit session payment via PayPal link I will then contact you to book a time . 

If you wish to speak to me prior to first time booking please email me.

You may then email me your questions and concerns for the session prior to our work once I have emailed you the session link. Thank you!

* If you book and I feel that we are not aligned to work I will re-reimburse your payment and we will not exchange session flow Thank you for honoring the field discernment levels. Same goes if we enter session and our fields do not synchronize I will refund your payment.

If you feel to donate to my energy shares. I thank you., the field thanks you.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada