Why do Source BioEnergetic Integration?  Are you are called to birth something more within your life experience?  Do you feel overwhelmed with signs and symptoms that traditional/alternative medicine/energy healing  can not address ? Light field facilitation can assist to shift your fundamental energetic reality bases so as to better access your expanded light spectrums. We can work with light modalities to assist our fields during ascension to help balance and prepare our Being for the energetic flux rates. This is at root self care and practice within collective field harmonization, as you help yourself you help others. 

                                                                       50 min / 125.00                        

                                                                         20 min / 65.00                        




All work is done remotely via Zoom Call (no video). I am located in within EST zone.  Please prepare to be sitting or laying down comfortably (place your crystals around you and or on your body) giving yourself quiet time prior and following this work as this takes 24-48 hours to reintegrate fully.

Please submit session payment via PayPal link I will then contact you to book a time . 

If you require to work and can not pay the full fee you may offer a donation of your choice of what feels balanced for you at this time for a 20 min session.

If you wish to speak to me prior to first time booking please email me.

You may then email me your questions and concerns for the session prior to our work once I have emailed you the session link. Thank you!

* If you book and I feel that we are not aligned to work I will re-reimburse your payment and we will not exchange session flow Thank you for honoring the field discernment levels. Same goes if we enter session and our fields do not synchronize I will refund your payment.

If you feel to donate to my energy shares. I thank you., the field thanks you.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada