Within this work we will be running:

Activation and Alignment for New Earth Facilitators (Light Code access through multidimensional realm indexes, Translations of Languages of Lights, Light body merges and Field Harmonic adjustments so as you upgrade, shift, orientate to your original blueprint sequences, manifest your soul spirit light paths, Light Field Interpretations and Bioenergetic Harmonization for full spectrum of Being, Technical Interfacing activation and integrations.


       * First openings are May 2021              1 hr  / $222.00 



Please be mindful of session time allocations- I will go over by 15 min no more then this* so please prep your field to seal back into your own sacred space by being mindful of the energetic balance within this work.


* If we do go over time because your field is not shifting you may offer a donation to balance the exchange as you feel guided. thank you for honoring my energy and time.




All work is done remotely via Zoom Call. I am located in within EST zone.  Please prepare to be sitting or laying down comfortably giving yourself quiet time prior and following.

Please submit session payment via PayPal link I will then contact you to book a time . 

If you email me prior to payment to book please note if I arrange a session/time you are responsible to follow through with payment prior to our session otherwise I will cancel the session. 

If you wish to speak to me prior to first time booking please email me.

You may then email me your questions and concerns for the session prior to our work once I have emailed you the session link. Thank you!

* If you book and I feel that we are not aligned to work I will re-reimburse your payment and we will not exchange session flow Thank you for honoring the field discernment levels. Same goes if we enter session and our fields do not synchronize I will refund your payment.

If you feel to donate to my energy shares. I thank you., the field thanks you.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada