The Harmonies - subscription - Light field alignments, activations, calibrations to the                                                                                   Intervention Field of One - Harmonizing Source to Human field                                                                 scope of Union

Coaching - Remote flow calibrations to adjust, facilitate light field structure/model.

Personal Sessions - one:one work to activate and align your light field structure/model.

Source Flame Group Induction Sessions- Group call to build harmonic convergence of Source                                                                                   Flame.

Temple of Divine Feminine Group Sessions- Group call to deliver gnosis of your Divine Feminine                                                                                      ranges

Temple of Divine Masculine Group Sessions- Group call to deliver gnosis of your Divine Masculine                                                                                    ranges

Transference Sessions-Intervention Induction transference to build mediumship capacity                                                            calibrated to the Intervention.

Group Light Work with co-facilitation

Rose Union Circle : Realm focus is that of Unification of the Beloveds - runs once a month
                       co-facilitated : Danielle - The Resonant Witch, Lana - Healer Medicine                                                     Woman, Heather - Angel of Divine Light

Light Language Intercessors : Monthly Global scope initiations with the Languages of Light
                       co-facilitated with Yvonne Perry- We Are One In Spirit
                       Registration:                                                      language-intercession-group

WINGS: Monthly, Angelic Halls attunement, activation, calibration
                        co-facilitated with Shannon Fry - SoulBodyUnion LA.