Energetic Calibration Flows - Prerequisite 1-2 Live Sessions if you are new to my work.


I facilitate flow where I tune into your field remotely and channel the field tone energies by specifically checking your field for calibration and progression indicators to assist reorientations as guidance for restructuring.

We engage together to open field spectrums and balance field tone to promote establishment of sovereign integral field domain- meaning that the purpose of this practice is that you can run your own field energetics. I am lending back up and guidance, the rest is for you to do the work.

This is run on a weekly bases ( 5 check ins, run over 7 days will pause a few days in-course to allow the field to orientate as need be.) .

For the coaching you would be an existing person I have worked with - New Clients I would ask you please to do at least one live session so I can orientate to your field.


New Forum Support for Coaching where we can build more of the Light Field Modelling and specific mission work orientations.  


Please email to confirm prior to booking coaching

If you feel to donate to my energy shares. I thank you., the field thanks you.


Montreal, Quebec, Canada