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First Light Union Energy Sessions

                Remote Sessions

I offer 25-30 min remote light field adjustment and configuration specifically for your energy field balancing and activation within your light field work progressions of the Empowered Sovereign Integral REUNIFICATION via the Twin Flame Field Model of Infinite - Eternal Being of Source Light LOVE  I AM natures.

I run the session to find your field markers of DF/DM proportion through the multiple realms of your being and facilitate to reconcile the field light aspects to promote your overall light field REUNIFICATION progressions. 

The field will outline where the divine work is to be calibrated. I AM flowing to assist the field light via the Guidance of your field natures and design.

Once you have this session you can use the medium as a tool to re-listen repeatably which is an frequency "exercise" attunement specifically created for your union which fortifies your field structures so as you can better hold a resonance of balance and harmony within this TF journey.

I will run the energies by you providing me your name and a few lines of description as details via contact form below * please highlight additional specifics as in vision/channel activations you wish to address.

I will run the session asap within the current week of payment.

Thank You so much for all your hard work and dedication to this path and progression.

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Session Contact - to be submitted following payment for session not for messaging ty.

Thanks for submitting!

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