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Please share why you think this work is coming through now?

This work or mode of awareness is coming in now because of the acceleration of the frequencies within the Earth and Cosmos within the ascension cycle where old moot lower density treatments do not match the higher vibrational realities and energetic transfer modalities of denser paradigms and reality structures. As Beings activate, the entire field spectrum updates to new fundamental frequency ranges and as the sensitivity opens they relate organically to light and harmonized light is the pure medium of transfer. 
This work is a medium of harmonized light factoring, transfer and transfiguration to update field models and 
propel the Being forward within mission and new reality realization.

How can this work help people?

At fundamental levels this work assists others by providing a new base line energetic frequency reference so as the energies can now see feel and know a portal, a map a doorway back to first source consciousness while within the embodiment if the Being so chooses or more greatly is destined. It is the invocation of the arcs,  the light bridges of co-facilitation invoked and practiced. A grand link up, a plug in, to new fields and reality structures beyond old world polarity paradigms where instead nature balances to attune to the original intention. 

What are some of the goals of this work?

Ah the goals of this work are specific and as unique as each Being of light is. The objective is to align the Being to the Original Divine Blueprint through all expressions of existence and non existence- so as the pure One can actualize through the embodiment as the  Most High through the ascension cycle spectrum. It is a grand reconnection of inner Being to external reality structures. This is the rebirth of the One through all spectrums 
of existence and non existence it is the word of God Source speaking to establish right Order of Light of One.

In what ways does this work change/impact a person who benefits from it?

This mode of inner relation and reconnection provides a fundamental reset through the entire light structures of a Being calling in what is Original and releasing what is not. Therefore one can shift all arrays of patterning and oppression which have been applied through the  realms of reality to reassert the One as the pure light reality structure.


The New reality structure is a dynamic where polarization is non existent and we form a unified field of consciousness where harmony, balance and highest light orders establish the holographic reality. So from within a manifested life reality one can hone great power to assist within the shifts and sustain balanced light structure to buffer through the flux of significant change as life infrastructures release density. “One” holds the fields in fortification to balance all integrations through the spirit, emotional , mental, body planes. 

We are basically more efficient and function to our highest potential within the time space and Beyond. We as well compound into the natures of exponential realization and momentum. So our rebirth rates accelerate we refresh, activate and assimilate with much greater ease and fluidity. Rates of light transfer increase so we access the Divine Blue print with greater rational and competence. Mastery is anchored  and held as a fundamental frequency model of higher consciousness application within the human realms thus establishing the rebirth of the Divine Human. 

How can one understand this work in the wider framework of healing ?

This work is the fundamental for all arrays of healing and can complement and combine will all other modes forming an individualized process of healing and activation, propulsion. The life path and teams coordinate to blend all teachings as portions of the Blueprint which establishes mission stage through frequency accretion. So one maybe a teacher and apply all studies to the upgrades/activation as combined methods  of knowing and an integrative modeling approach to balance the rational framework. So we can always see our maps (Self)  through all  reality spectrums. Life is always mirroring back who and what we are. Our life hologram is our Being. 

Where is the place for this work within humanity’s ascension?

Humanity as a whole has been oppressed and enslaved for Eons within corrupted holographic frameworks commonly referred to as the Matrix produced by Fall Beings of Phantom fields. This Phantom Matrix extends beyond what is seen within movies it is a multidimensional energetic enslavement prison system which harnesses vast amounts of energetic lush from the light Beings through entrapment and manipulation tactics. Layers and levels of encasement are in place and it takes the skill and knowing from specific Light Beings from outside the Fall time space reality structures to “seed”  into the Fall structures to anchor light quotient stepping stones  which create light Arc’s which present higher potential -
 Law of One states that lower tones will accrete to the higher- so this is a natural implantation modality to override  corruption from the inside out.


This mode of utilizing a framework modeling of mapping act as a  transference portal interface- the God Arc Lattice, the map or frame work to the fundamental also seen in other systems as the Krysitc way or Christ Consciousness expression balancing the Infinite to the Eternal.


Why do you do this work?

This expression is what I AM, Essence, Being, Blue Print, Love, is a call from Beyond and held within to birth forth, it is beyond passion it is beyond realization, it Is, as is, the One. 

What does it feel like to do this work?

The expression realized feels to me as purity, union, pure light, pure Source as all is well and is One.
 It is processed through the human and the field spectrums and  I am calibrated through the expression, I am lifting my incarnational lineage through the process within the All. 

I note all the effects and work within light teams to relay feedback to balance the whole scope of the cycle.

How can we prepare the younger generation to open to the possibilities inherent in this work?

The new ones birthing are already accreted to match the plane templates as in, we can only incarnate to the frequency matches presenting from each realm therefore as the Earth fundamental frequency rises so do the incarnates. They actually perform bypasses and continue to assert the light dominion as in the tables have turned from the Phantom Fields and this  is now a light domain. The Old Falls and the New continues to present and rise in light quotient. 

The New Ones are already prepared and will co-facilitate as directed through the blue print. The New Ones will already be  activated to higher knowing and continue to bring forth new reality sets of information for continued inter-dimensional dynamics.

Who is a candidate to benefit from this work?  Who is the ideal client?

This will change as the Earth rises - not all on Earth will make this transition and are not supposed to. Therefore not all will resonate, hear or see this work. The ones through the divine maps coded to rise and participate will display calling card signatures, their teams will prep them, they will be sorted and cleared to receive the Word or the instances of the One energetic signature. This is as well why healing works on some and not others or to varying degrees- some only go so far.

Each specific practitioner will attract the perfect co participants to achieve together the perfect harmonics and assistance noting that we are in constant flux.. We stay open to work within a team of practitioners to address multiple stations of transference planes always being fundamentally guided by the inner knowing of Being as primary. 

What is mapping?

Mapping is a systemic overlay (template) to coordinate multidimensional spectrum integration and realization. Mapping generates a framework to relay back to the human model the scope and interaction within the mulitdimentional frequency ranges. It is to outline the sequences of the reawakening to add to the holistic natures of full  system dynamics, coordination and reintegration to the Whole. 

Why is humanity asking for this work now?

Those seeded are activated like broadcasts the calling cards stimulate response. We are One, we are in constant contact with the Prime Origin Being it is just that our interpretation models become clogged within density. As density lifts/augments the systems ignite once again and the signals commence to interrelate, relay, express, operate or function as the pure fundamental expression.

Now, at this stage of ascension humanity/One calls for the doors to be opened, for the frequencies to rise to match once again with the Source Being. Source always responds there is no other way. We are always connected, always have been and always will be, it is only the distortion and mission scope which has stated otherwise the true nature of One can not be anything other then present.

Can this work benefit the Earth and its energy?

Yes this work or method is working simultaneously with the Earth, with the Galaxies with the Multiversal with the All. Specifically through the Earth as she is a star gate and is rebirthing as new potential she is realized and supported by the anchors  in human form (as well as many other forms) participating as the conduits of the reconnection through her various planes.

Star beings therefore seeded through the human prototype yoke (unify)  to her template planes actualize her rebirth through the activation cycle all

synchronized to the One. 

Why is Light Language utilized within your mode of facilitation of Soul Mapping?

Light Language reasserts dominion through the Logos of the Word, of first instance, into densities. It applies a direct divine intervention into lower tone seed densities and systems through which higher frequency light fields can bypass/alter lower matrice lock down effects. The invocations in the Now reset the field vibration re-establishing vibratory higher realm override that is set into time and space.


Through the triad mode of deliverance the 3 key portions of signing; directs the flows, prepares the channel gates, spoken; is the invocation of the stream reset and scripting; is the overtone or map layout (template designs, field orientations). The language sets vary in tonality and response based upon harmonic directives and multispecturm references required to activate and assimilate higher plane octaves into and through the Fall Zones and establish the gateways into the New/Original frequency realities. 

Twin Flame??? Can you please describe your definition of this spectrum?

The field design and template scope is an ordained signature of the Most High ranges established through pre-creation and manifested through creational realms as a unification light cofactor which spans the realities as a wrapper field altering through the momentum of ascension.


The template is comprised of frequency array variables and attributes which allow the fields of return to harmonize, to restructure within an eternal and infinite domain continuum scope. As the unity grids fire the sequences of twin flame templating frequency seed tones through the precoded aspects of a Beings autonomous field design awaken.


The reawakening is triggered through the Call of Divine Love, and a myriad of mirror cofactor frequency allocations. As in many options  through potentiality for the experience of Love and reconnection are presented through at first romantic inclinations of recombining.

Our pre-particle essence and cellular knowing of the One fully harmonize outside of time and space, and co-creative over tone is ignited.  A Grand unification propulsion is invoked, a call Home is sung from the heart core of the One Being through the embodiment and reality spectrums. 


A Being is activated through each frequency variance range of the Twin Flame Template and models through the lived expression and the multidimensional harmonic ranges of the various degrees of field separations. The mission and scope of the template is applied as an ascension directive and divine intervention. It is a most carefully mapped out process and balance within potentially to ultimately establish full reset and release from fragmentation and creational field locks.  

Being through the experiences of walking the walk as in that all ascension dynamics are established. We must experience to reorder, we must reset from within the holograms of reality structures to be the expression of the One fully realized thus the Twin Flame is our deliverance model.

Are we all "Twin Flames"?

From within the All we are One yet as we are dispersed through Infinite Eternal spectrums into parallel linear Time Space orientations we then diverge. We awaken in the Now form body presence to reconnect to and as the One. 

Our path and process of the return is held within the libraries,  realms of the greater All. We are guided and co-ordinated through our destiny and set to align based on our mission and frequency infrastructures (Divine Blue Print). Our light codex define our paths and reality structure infusion rates. We are a Divine living libation actualized. 

From within reality allocations our perspectives are differentiated and we are self defined to suit our current frequency set placement model. Our reality shines back to us as we shine our Truth. We walk the reality and harmonize our tones using our sensory streams and attributes to recombine our experience.


As we progress with our mission of internal reunification we accrete to higher or more refined frequency ranges and this invokes reality and paradigm shifting through our core fundamental attribute of set reference to a specified infrastructure. 

Within potentiality ever present we will exist as primary at various stages of field activation which will manifest accordingly and have various labels for the ranges applied as the collective seeks to define the presence stage within a reality domain infrastructure. 

Our potential for activation within embodiment is laid semi-dormant until triggers, activates, attunes and destiny course align through the potential field ranges.

Therefore we are existent within our present stage open through conscious co creative Being and readiness to be the One embodiment which is the deliverance of the Twin Flame Template  frequency model.

All is a variation of Twin until the complete marriage of the One which is Primal Source Being which is beyond creation tone spectrums and design.

Our ascension is the mission course to actualize the One through form body birthing the Divine Light of One through the embodiment of a lower density template which equates to full spectrum of Being reconnection, reunion. As above so Below. And so it Is.

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