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About CreatedbyIndigo Light Work 

I offer to work as facilitator with others to activate the original blueprint orientations and consciousness alignments within One's organic sovereign light plan. 

I am offering a range of light work to support Ones entire process of Light Field development.  Please email if you wish to further discuss your path/plan.


Fundamental Light Field Practices and Integration Techniques to develop gnosis of One's light field scopes and missions

1) Vision Practice


To sit and be still, connect to the breath, come into a place of relaxation and balance connecting to the body, mind and heart.

* If you struggle to calm yourself down initially I would highly recommend Holosync Binaural Technologies * Not just any binaural work but that produced via CenterPointe - Holosynch

As you sit open through intention to direct your conscious focus into the heart center. Open your imagination and allow to present what ever the light fields transmit to you. This maybe a colour, a shape, pure black, pure white, you may hear a word, you may feel a sensation. Continue to sit and ask to see.

2) Interpretation Fundamentals

As your light fields return a response (ask and you are always given a response our job via the divine human is to now interpret the many languages of light)

As you see the colour allow the colour to be here with you, hold recognition- yes I see a colour- let us use red. Confirm I am seeing red.

As you hold your attention within the red now ask the field to advance to next progression. This is where the red may start to move, you may see the particles of the colour, you may see a sacred geometry present, or the colour may morph into a scene from your life time, or the field may go totally black. All is perfect, all response is welcome -even if a more shady form appears we accept from our position of observer. We hold space.

3) Query

We now would ask the field to what does this colour, shape, vision pertain to?

Listen for your guidance to tell you via more impressions or auditorily via your channels and note to accept the response even if your human mind does not innerstand what your field is saying to you. You are now opening your practice of ask and receive. We receive all, we do not disregard the shadow response , pain or fear. We hold space for all and add techniques to reorder the shadow energies again by asking your field- How do I correct this imbalance? Await the response and allow the harmonization of the light fields to activate and progress your fields. 

4 ) Flow

As soon as you are opened and have integrated these primary above steps you may start to "flow" to open and listen, see many ranges of your light fields- speak this flow out loud to activate, download into this now local reality stream. * Very important to anchor in the fields via writing , speaking (flow and languages of light) , drawing light codes, maps as automatic writing techniques.

Above stated is all primary structure to begin One's light work path/plan.

1:1 Session Work

Now we may add in facilitated 1:1 session work to have more assistance/guidance/activation/ balancing of our fields.

As we work within the 1:1 session our human again may not fully innerstand the terminology of the light fields being channeled forward. We again accept and hold the references which can be noted as "markers" /pockets of specific information.

Following session it is a wise practice to relisten to the session a few times as well write out the entire structure of the light map which was presented in the session to anchor the many phases of light presentation. We are building a referential light field model interpretation of your light field scope. We are multiple beings of light simultaneously and must map to trace our Being to know thy self more accurately. 

We rebuild self Trust as we witness and hold our unique fields of gnosis. We are not mapping via another's model and interpretation of the light fields. We are instantiating our organic light field gnosis independently.

Remote Flow Sessions

To assist to continue to harmonize our transference of gnosis which is building as we download, reorder and activate there is the possibility of our fields dropping in vibration and reference. A facilitator may add more transitions to continue to build and hold your referential phases. So as your

focus holds within the direction of progression and does not get distracted into Fall spectrums. So we can correct and promote field integrations.

Temple Alchemy

To move One's perceptions into deeper ranges of the human/galactic/angelic/source patterns and integrations. To assist to add additional support/guidance/attunement/processing/facilitation. I offer this sacred space to further develop and process. 

As you share your process I build reference to your blueprints and interpretive models. The Node becomes a model for your overall light field structure.

Induction Sessions

These are advanced light field integrations/progressions and development facilitated sessions of field emersions to facilitate the process of the unveiling- we move deeper through the veils to open channel designs and promote a deepening within the Source I AM fields. This is a very potent range of work where Ones field must be pre calibrated and structured to integrate the highly refined energetic signatures within balance through the human interface.


I have lightly trained in QHT to open the primary induction fields yet I have progressed the scope of hypnosis work to integrate the practice into my unique model of flow integration where I enter inducted  ranges of the sub conscious with you to guide and facilitate. So an active guidance model to further advance Ones recognition and field attunement.

Dear Hawkers

* Note to hawkers, mimickers, copycats, parrots - I present my organic range of light field facilitation and development- if you come here to copy you are incurring karma and are not souly allocating to your divine plan (so at essence robbing yourself - move deeper into yourself instead I present).


We each hold an integral light field model for ourselves and missions. We each must develop our service of light work based within and upon our guidance models and not that of others we are here to co combine original and authentic signatures as sovereign integrals - walk your talk - if you can not explain and outline your details of light scope interpretations you are mimicking words and practices of others - this renders as moot to Being.

As you open to truly read and interpret your light fields as integral you will find many treasures of structure and support to present to the whole. Blessings Mimickers. :) 

Mission Stance

True progression expansion and gnosis of Being is fully derived through the interpretation of Ones original organic Light fields. We do not harness onto the models and interpretations of others unless to cross refence our primary gnosis. Build your own revelations, stand within your own unique platform.

Where you are devoid due to the false ascension matrices and enslavement methodologies this is natural occurrence within the One and we must recapitulate ranges of offset to return and build our own unique signatures of Source Being wholly within constant phase and deliverance of the Divine Plan. 

Light Work is not for the false as all becomes seen, there is no where to hide shadow within the presence of the full refinement of light, do not fool or be fooled. The FAM is exquisitely designed to entrap and feed on so many levels/dimensions/models/templates/blueprints/archetypes/codes etc - move fully beyond into autonomy and freedom. Many Blessings

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