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Feb 3 - I have to shift my energy focus into more specific ranges as the fields are bringing in so much calibration. For coaching I will just be working with those whom are running active sessions during the month. Thank you so much! xo




Jan 21 - 2022- As the fields are shifting so rapidly we are continuously being deepened into our authentic pathways of potentially driving our missions into new sequences. Massive acceleration within the Blueprint designs and Origin Mapping. 

As the fields delineate our choice points and responses to higher consciousness inform the fields as to our alignments. Where we say yes and step up the field will be there to welcome us. 

I just wish to express my deepest gratitude to those of you whom I have the divine blessings to work and engage with. You are some of the most brilliant light beings I see about. You are holding such massive fields of ordering and holding all within gnosis and true sovereign power. xo






Nov 2021 Open Light Temple for Blue print modelling, channel expansion, field detail orientations and perspectives of initialization of the Beyond- this is for those advanced/advancing within awakening facilitators/Beings wishing to expand gnosis of their field alchemy within the realms of All.  I will authenticate who participates.

This will be a Living Light Library for Source Field contact.

Please inbox me before sign up to ensure our fields are a match to work in this range at this time.

Due to the nature of the fields I am sealing all my work and building sacred sanctuary for all shares.