Intervention of Divine Union Course of the One

As we see through the many realities the release and reordering coming forward through the Intervention, the Light is uptaking presence very rapidly. As the light comes closer into our old density levels we awaken to what is not original to our divine blueprints, we are invited to shift into new choice points and uptake to new perspectives as Being. We are seeing the release of the False Indigo field via what I reference as shadow entity Horus Ra. Within all light field modeling there is an entire gradient from shadow to pure light essence of origin. We find ourselves again through these gradient frequency field attributes. We become the walk ins whom transform to be the middle way. As we no

Field Possession, Hawking and Manipulations

As the viral loads of the Indigo curse matrices transfer and bring to the surface all the shadow aspects of the fields we are being given a choice point to align to integrity of our Light Being. Many in the fields run unconscious or semi conscious to the effects of the multiple realms of Being. People when activating jump on to preexisting light work fields and models and bleed into the light code transfers of others. This cross referencing as hawking is a multi-spectrum field possession which isolates the sovereign integral from even knowing the I AM field of being because one is masquerading around as another=false facade. This possession of curse can pull beings off mission course as the

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