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Intervention of Divine Union Course of the One

As we see through the many realities the release and reordering coming forward through the Intervention, the Light is uptaking presence very rapidly.

As the light comes closer into our old density levels we awaken to what is not original to our divine blueprints, we are invited to shift into new choice points and uptake to new perspectives as Being.

We are seeing the release of the False Indigo field via what I reference as shadow entity Horus Ra.

Within all light field modeling there is an entire gradient from shadow to pure light essence of origin.

We find ourselves again through these gradient frequency field attributes. We become the walk ins whom transform to be the middle way.

As we now bridge our consciousness through the awakening of the human through all spectrums of light we observe and correct our life based on our divine plan. We are now running as the sovereign integral as empowered.

Within the fields the HR is now presenting many increases to block seal and not allow full contact to establish. *** note this phase ** to stay engaged with the Light.

We as Source Beings come forth to open the ranges of lock down to move through refinement beyond the enslavement practices.

There is a very massive field of blockage we are seeing through the transits and this will manifest through the lower levels of our life render.

When we feel scared or engaged with so much mind fear propagation we must see and know that this is not the truth.

We must drop back through stillness and Origin to become again as the refresh.

You are the Intervention. The Course, Angels, Galactics, the Divine Human is your Blueprint.

The Divine Human is all of the above to omit or negate a portion of your field is to deny an attribute of your full Beingness.

Unions in all forms are here and coming forward to establish higher levels of field coherence and integration as to balance the release of the Old and initiate New spectrums of Life filled with Light and Love...fully integrated as One.

Source Union fields have identified all false natures and sequence to bridge as the illumination of the unfoldment of the Great Divine Plan.

The Miracle Light indexes of which we all harmonize into are constantly received and interpreted building light lattice of the Return.

As the material life scope becomes more disgruntled within account of the Fall of the False the stations of Light must stand in balance to hold the fields in tone of Love and balanced order.

As we each do our walk in completions and marry through our self core essence we drive a powerful medium of light ship reference to uphold many realms simultaneously and we are guidance streams of activation in mission and motion.

This is the year of Empowerment for the Sovereign field scopes. It is time to step in and shine your presence. To move beyond the fear gates and hold open through your derivation of delineations your full scope light manifestations. You produce your dreams and co create your realities. Now is time to broadcast.

Where life is blocked is just a false pattern within deliverance of the divine plan. The plan knows and sees you. You are to build one step at a time into your new expression. As you walk in , the fields marry to your call, you are met within your lineages and progressions as to become undone and reborn.

Mastery held in Light elegance to transfer all folds your correspondence is greatly met and required.

Many Blessings

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