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Field Possession, Hawking and Manipulations

As the viral loads of the Indigo curse matrices transfer and bring to the surface all the shadow aspects of the fields we are being given a choice point to align to integrity of our Light Being.

Many in the fields run unconscious or semi conscious to the effects of the multiple realms of Being.

People when activating jump on to preexisting light work fields and models and bleed into the light code

transfers of others.

This cross referencing as hawking is a multi-spectrum field possession which isolates the sovereign integral from even knowing the I AM field of being because one is masquerading around as another=false facade.

This possession of curse can pull beings off mission course as they are not aligning to the primary soul light work of the individuated aspect.

If someone is talking a talk which is not originating from ones library of light reference one is mimicking

and duplicating field source reference from another which equates to automatic karmic allocations.

Possession entities in the fields hiding within the spectrums seal the

rational scopes for one to look into all vantage points of field spectrum to run reorder.

As we run reorder to see our shadow we build transparency and the last thing we would want to do would be to ever mimic or steal another's work or energy ranges.

Why do people not generate their own model of field reference? Why do they have to build on the pre existing teaching expressions of others? Perhaps there is no trust in self or lack of confidence to define a new way? This is also the Indigo curse matrix of covert narcissistic hidden in plane sight.

What are these beings going to do as the new fields continue to seal and delineate course?

Where are they going to find the food for their FAM? (False Ascension Matrix)

Why in the name of knowledge would it ever be better to copy and hack then to build and original response and field articulation?

Can we use pre set models as stepping stones? of course... yet when do we each realize our own wings and build our unique robust platforms?

What excuses does one make when not stepping up or opening to the shadow course? How does this playout of avoidance allow the virus to remain in place?

The Intervention is here and the course is being expressed. The Light is coming for you shadow, and the release will be in balance or very harshly met. The Light will break down all and ask you who cover and parrot to find an authentic way.

If we are speaking on a topic we should be able to describe the field and the attributes instead of beating around bushes of masquerade playing into sharades of manipulations where in the joke is on you because you are seen and known through the refined scope beings.

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