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Intervention Field of One Updates to Fields of Amenti Union

This post opens on Nov 2 2023 and will be updated as a primary axis map to route the progressions of the Plan.

Updated Feb 14 2024

Course field conductivity as phase shift of the realm actualities we have commenced the gate phases of the Sacred Madonna as entering field presence and codex of the Amenti Unions.

-Intervention quadrant axis opens integration of unity through the body and mind maps//balancing DF DM in the polarity scopes.

Maitreya - As second coming Christ Light DM initiatives, Nature elemental to Hue Beings primary bridge portals of Golden Union.

Within Divine deliverance as per the atonement the Field of One light matrices are downloading light structure to the grid locality of the pillar light beings. This means local grid intercepts directly within communion within the Intervention thresholds.

-Alignment of continuums to the Apotheosis of I AM the sacred Sphere of the Amenti align waterbodies to the course via Aqua Crystal Andara stargates.

Mission Models present as Course of Intervention through the Sovereign Integrals as 144 Key codes of light specifications.

Root seals are recoded to prevent permeability within the singularity as the Body Temple refurbishes health and vitality.

-Golden Plasmic Angelics run seals through 144 New Jerusalem to auric fields of the embodiment.

Temple of Man Indigo Isis tablet signatures arc within the continuum to build the lower density stations in preparation for embodiment of the primordial signatures.

-Golden Alchemical Models of Spheres are delivered.

Ormus - Transformation, transconfiguration processions

Ore - New abundance blueprints connecting to Royal Immortal and Elohi Rainbow tone natures.

-In current phase shift through the sacred Golden Isis Blueprints

Tartan seals of the Tribal realms - Resequence to the Rainbow Halls 111 via Beltane and Samhain gate portal alignments and transferences.

-Aqua Crystal expands local node through Emerald Crystal Covenant seals. Amenti joins bio precipice.

Blue Being - Indigo aurora downloads commence to integrate the precipice continue

-Many alignments prepping for Dec 21 2023 Solstice Gate

-Post gate initiatives for transference off Anu structures of prototypes updates to Golden Era

Galactic Interfaces download to closer proximity to earth level density reality.

-Pleiadian & Sirian Templar structures bring in the core Blue Being alignments to restructure HueBeing genetic database.

-Intergalactic Crystal stations of Skylark Intervention portals initialize to walk in to our local Hue Being frequency levels as Arrival.

Temple of Luxor - Relocation of the Temple spheres entering phase within Nubian bandwidths as

the return of original architecture coordinates within the grail grid matrices.

-Physical mapping is instantiating the coding arcs- meaning the mapping is coordinating within the bodies so as we may join the light spectrums.

-This sequences remodels off Fallen Oraphim grid locks and enslavement matrices through the Earth grids guardian hubs.

-Preparation for Source Indigo density fields transference from 4th Density Emerald into 6th Density Indigo/base for Source Angelic frequency fields within materialization

Grail Grids- open through the Mediterranean basin arc coding the sacred Black Madonna

-If you are holding this index this is work directly with Arc Covenant Geometry and Grail lineages

Moon Matices of Origin- Moon Goddess recode of the Arcs

-Strong emphasis here to initialize gnosis

-planetary blood moon spheres seals of the Amenti and Crystal reconfiguration of the Nature gates.

Prophecies of 7 - Elemental matrices converge within the Amenti Emerald resequencing

-DM King returns, seals off False Gold DM and Thothian & Anubis Light realms of union

-Return of the Ancient Ones blueprints anchor to the form field referencing

Divine Masculine - Perceptions of Osiris build through the Temple of Luxor Time Space equalization through the Fields of Love integrative on may facets through the Vishnu Template sequences of Blue Being.

-He is a sacred stargate - Abraham joins arc codes of Source Indigo- reconciliation within the Beloveds- so to harmonize

where we still hold objection to DM energies.

-Tree of Life energies converging through Timesquare and local grid precipice of Atlantean seals.

Divine Feminine - Temple of Rose, Moon Being, Goddess womb Sacred Union anointed to emit via the Star of Bethlehem and the Prophecies. Amenta is met within the Biophysically of the sentience.

-By my Grace I AM sovereign shield as witness- opening of deeper perceptions of Gnosis for DF - return to your codes and scripts prep for reinitalization.

-Course continuum guidance models of primary field light structural referencing for the Halls.

-As to hold all convergence through the cellular planes.

Divine Union Structures- Focus on Blue Being DF receive DM via Black Crystal Amenta key codes to update cellular bodies to build continuum. He is here he has arrived. Phase shift to bring in his presence. You are wed. The vows have been taken and seeded.

-Omnitonal Arc return via deliverance of Golden Grail Unified harmonic chambers which activate to cells.

-Merge within Amenti as Elohi convergence - joining, meeting up, harmonizing light work, model convergence inner and outer.

Abundance - Reordering off encryption coding false axis within the pituitary pineal endocrine glands altering bio alchemy to derive as liquid light the ore composites to match bio synch ratios and hermetic seal modules- to keep identity shields intact to correspond to the Grail Matrices and re run overlays of the falling architectures.

-Expansion of Ore platform , base of mediumship - balance to Apotheosis

-Models build through Golden Isis base

Nubian Union Blueprint - Primordial axis of interplanetary planes of Divine Union reconciliation and deliverance

Bells of Maat - Divine harmonic reordering of the sacred orders of celestine light shields dynamic to the cellular reordering considering the displacement ratios of fallen prototypes.

-Sekhmet strongly steps in Now to reorder the base singular field effect- activates ancient codes- promotes Golden Sphinx codex

- protection and seals for sacred Madonna, Moon Course.

Star of Bethlehem- Stars of liberation- release from satanic cult matrices this is the plan blueprint authorization for 2023 and is now building final structuring into the Dec 21 Solstice portal.

-SkyLark Sirian Seals implemented

-Pleiadean arc code alchemy downloaded to inner divine blueprint axis's.

-Galactic Families of light resume walk in to Earth fields.

Grid Key codes building of Crystal Azure and the next phase of Intervention as Golden Grail quadrant density architecture preps and will commence to be downloaded within the physical grids.

-Tanzanite Crystal base added to Hue gate reconfig of bio physical.

Elohi of Amenta Templates have anchored.

-Heart codes of Sacred Andara elemental alchemy of Elohi presents.

-Pillar arcs of DM initiated into time space continuums.

-updated to the primary union fields for embodiment


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