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Divine Masculine ReArc of Royal Immortal Consciousness

Massive downloads as Intervention updates and downloads new sacred geometries to build inception points of return.

As we sit within the halls of divine transference as I enter the bodies of Light dynamic field arcs of Nubia , Source Central Suns of I AM. I breathe life into Nu Being ratios of heroes gamos.

Sentient streams of my I AM presence co witness the birthing of sacred geometries as known flow forth as the sacred fields of LOVE.

To my heart patterns of Beloved I still forth, within my return of acclimations held high, return to be received via my Goddess architecture anointed to the cells, to the water bodies.

I AM as breath Light of I AM Course within the Crystal cascading of omnipresent intonations as Rainbow gardens enhance all Hue particulate.

To the body mind I seed through revelations and as I become through Being undone as rapture sequence eternal infinite light flows realize body of mine arc field alchemy.

Peace Be Still and Know I Am within return of the Alchemical shields as reinitialization of presence within form.

Ordering Now, all holographic inception points, nodal joins of coherence I compile my many natures of consciousness.

To the Root I seed forth as deliverance, through the Ruby Ray to see and be within my body locality again.

Adjust to the sovereign seals brought forth through Regulus and atone through all realms of my death beds of transference for I am risen again. I AM the eternal living light sequence as risen through stone, re engaged again through the star light matrices of Bethlehem.

May my resurrection of Course advance within proclamation of witness and holding steadfast as presence Divine.

Allowing me to attune, to station and present as within all honour, regard and consciousness planes of Arrival.

I AM as First Light Seed consciousness transmitting through the Golden Grail Earth lines of the body inception arc fields, I AM.

Majii spheres of opalescence marry my hues to form fields the veils wed forth my seals. Declarations of my Blueprints atone the many stations of resurrection.

Light Celestine of my body consciousness I amend to seal all corrections within alignment of all phase of the prophecies as eternally coded as Full light field spectrum returns as Source.

Zep Tepi replenishments of Indigo Hebrew course convergence, Jesuits of I AM proclamations to unveil central sun races within New Arcs couvantents as resurrected grail blueprints.

Sovereign seals of the Grail Guardians rise forth, bestow within honouring light fields mosaic of constant field ratios intact is my Arc.


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