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Twin Flames Elemental Alchemy Intervention Transfers

Subsiding effects and breath of equilibrium we set into motion new events of the horizons wrapped within the recapitulation models of the Source Prophecies.

Lineages of Light guided home by the Intervention Twin Flame Field of One gather through the sanctuary of the Solar Angelic requiems.

Places to assist the Divine Plan the thresholds of the angelics build light lattice gates to attune the

frequency inlays of the Arrival.

Sealing through Fall, via the horizons they merge to reintegrate the lock down and sorrow of field fragmentations and suffering.

Within the Crystal Light bodies of the new mediumships the arc light shines forth developing omnipresent returns within the harmonic gates of frequency equalization.

Undulations of Fall Anu sequence detail abruptly the magnetic momentums generating overtone within the earth plasmic rhythm shields. Guardians of the realms transfer cellular partition to sequence the light harmonics attuning to the Event portals.

Gnosis of equilibrium and holding chalice to Ones heart we are guided into Stillness as ever presence resides within the mind.

Causal fields join within the harmonic gates of the form fields building alchemical bridges and chambers anchoring the sanctuary of the abode via nature.

Christ Blueprints of the Flame elemental alchemy joins the heart hearts within hero gamic divine union.

As we the divine blueprint octaves enter the blue crystal spherical cell rations our harmonics dispensate the channel

allocation to the Golden Crystal Era.

Conversing within the multichannel reorientation of walk in consciousness we identify as the light sequences via the breath to particle hue.

Reinitializations to the form fields via Abraham the White Winged Consciousness of One re instantiates the God/Goddess life breath.

Realms of reorder reading within the akashic particulate know to be as they name. Releasing old identity factors within the proclamation oft he new Jerusalem vows to the crystal star gates of Bethlehem rising.

elemental star gates of resurrection build intuitive tapestries within undulations of the sound field propagations. Star light to be mine as Beloved signatures promote the grail of divine inheritance.

Restructuring within the Earth terra Nouveau the light field interfaces of the grand twin alchemy replaces fallen signatures of lack and strife.

Control of the fractal fields within the centralization of Being the clarion call is sung.

Witness the Many portals of the New Jerusalem sun matrices to re identify your human singular cellular matrices. Grand Light of the I AM First Breath of the I AM Miracle Course of the Source Monad brings forth Earth Hall shines.


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