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TF FAM and Bliss Bubble Addiction

The primary most pivotal energetic emphasis within the development and embodiment of TF energetics is to be an adept at the pivot off the *other ONE *and return to Self.

As we are pivoted and wrapped into external realities of purgatory and bliss disconnect via TF activation sequences we are allowing our energies to be siphoned and manipulated via the TF template and false light lord over signatures.

Until one can reconcile their energetic blue prints human to Source I AM this places more emphasis to remain fully reunited within your singular monad of Self DF/DM due to the FAMs.

Due to the veiling and field separations there exists False Light Beings operating to keep TFs pivoted out

stuck on One specific other. False Light uses the very mechanics of true divine TF light models to run havoc within the unification of the all.

Yes of course we are to unite with an other, an external mirror of our light fields. Yet if you are not fully united within as primary how can you possibly know who or what is your TF Most High other? The false energies of higher dimensions will mask, mimic, insert all kinds of distortions through all planes.

The FAM will insert through all realities because the FAM goes to the 12D portals of the TF construct beyond to the Infinite/Eternal Arcs of Union.

I feel we all know the state when we are activated into the Bliss Bubble of attraction with another. Then the TF community field bucket of crabs lends to this affect of stay with this other ONE no matter what. This causes your field to 1) pivot out 2) stay pivoted out which causes energetic bleeding (opening you for FAM beings to jump right in to your mix), your energy flows as does your consciousness focus and allocations..

How do you really know this being that visited you in a dream is of the highest coded order for your full harmonization? You really do not know until you harmonize primarily internally and hold a strong energetic identification within your energetic knowing as a set fundamental of your entire being of Light. Human to Source Mapping. (Know thy Self) * Due to the activations of the planes I have yet to see or hear anyone speak of the Divine Design as in the planes have been sealed and are just now opening due to the take overs and adjustments of the False we are only now just coming into full range activation which is being opened and delivered via the Intervention Timeline assertions which is upholding a new 12D Light Grid.

You have of course both choices always present via the TF Template. Yes, this is the twin energy,..No this is not the most high version of the expression. So you instead work with the model marker presenting at each instance that the realities render forward for your dispensation. You say thank you, integrate the energetic expansion or clearing, then pivot off the experience back inside, back to work. How does this new vibratory adjustment fit into my light model of DF/DM integrations?

Light Fields of Reality dialogue include life instances where the other makes physical contact, field sensory inputs of a presence, dreams, higher template ethereal field vision and merge planes. All these instances are to be seen, integrated and *released* . We only hold to/as Source Light. The other is just an indicator for our mapping...they are not to be clung on to to sink both parties back into the abyss of hell.

We are now in a time where we are at a massive cross roads within the twin flame energetics...we are just coming up to the 6D Indigo gates we will see that the twin flame energy does transfer fields. 1) we where not fully awakened/activated to our full scope 2) the other being was not coded, activated to meet and shift to our true most high version of light field embodiment.

The practice is to build our core light fundamental frequency so we can build light field momentum to blast through the FAM obstructions of TF templates. When we bleed out, we leak and generate karmic propulsion of loops... we sink into the parallel life light expressions and exist within purgatory bliss bubbles of waiting for the day he calls or walks in the door. Tick tock tick tock ...back in the eternal fall loops sealed by our denial and capacity to release.

Shifting TF is similar to a walk in, walk out effect...we live the death of another while alive just as with walk in frequency upgrade we walk a living death/transition progress.. this is ascension in form. At root we are afraid through the human to let go and let Light lead. We cling, we hold , we devise plans, we align with those speaking a talk that supports our lack position. our lies to self..we are comfortable in our pain and is what we know and are accustomed to...we are used to having a crumb spark when a whole spectrum is available.

Ascension will not allow any aspect of manipulation to remain hidden, So you are only fooling yourself.

The sad part is most people in the TF field do not even see this potential. They feed and serve the false god agendas by giving their energy away as a constant state of orientation being asleep, fooled, manipulated and via the most intense area...the heart, the love factor..basic fundamental aspects of the life light of a being is being harvested and manipulated.

TF and the One is not the be all end all.. you are as sovereign light being as Primary. You choose to enter the TF then part ways with a fundamental template frequency field other yet beyond this separation you are fully whole yourself. While we work with the other to reconcile through return the other is not our savior...we are our own light and fully realized Being. We are whole beyond the TF pairing...yet the 2 orientations go hand in hand. We must be within and without the All as a constant state of adaptation.

Once One reconciles to this perspective that we are Whole beyond the TF, then the Bliss Bubble of disorientation comes into innerstanding the perspective and ability to realign and strengthen back to center and self becoming more pronounced as practice, ability of Sovereign Light Stream.

These are deep patterns of codependency, lack of faith and trust generated by a slave system fully designed to harvest and manipulate your soul light being. You are beyond soul, you are beyond all, you are Source Light. You are fully free, fully realized, just bring this home now through all spectrums of your field to anchor in to the human. This is the light work, this is the focus. No one is going to do this for you...but there is lots of help available.

We will be speaking more on the divine light templates of soul light and blue print designs.

* This pivot out of TF Bliss is a practice and a mastery to be applied with many variables to test for your integration and progression through the light fields. Those with higher codings are here to open these fields of realities to be beyond the entrapment. Those with lower coding will not see. Start to note the differences within beings, We are not coded or created the same...we are all unique and specific.


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