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TF Intervention Light Field Translations

Realities of the Intervention pronounced in January 2018 as a time line override to clear the field obstructions of the 12D 144, 000 light field constructs of the False Ascension Matrices.

Within the dispensation was the Arrival (March 17, 2018) of a new density (not dimension) model, a light field template in which those whom are aligned to the new frequencies of unification can shift off FAMs and anchor the full spectrum fields of Origin/Organic Essence into Form.

Within this plane of the Otherside which is not 5D New Earth but a new more refined field of light access many new beings of light are present and many who did not activate in the Old systems are now turning on due to the presence of integral light field quotient.

The Angelic Realms of the Beyond (Source Light Angelics) have been holding space delivering the waves of the Intervention into the realms of multiple realities. When we hear of the Event (s) being presented in the fields this is the field picking up on the energy transferences coming through to express into our Now realities.

The Events are waves of frequency dispensations which calibrate peoples fields based on the innate template of the Being so not all experience similar light field adjustments. The Events merge into actualize the Event Horizon which is the actual pivoting, releasing off the Old, opening the veils and moving into new fields of life orientations via perceptions and perspectives.

The superconscious fields are preparing to open the human model into new spectrums of light. The light field symbology which is being returned by those encountering the transference spectrums via Induction are actual translations for the light field progressions. Such as seeing trees would denote the expanded nervous system and channel capacity to be connected into the Beyond. *Ex It is not to translate to expect we will be living in actual tree houses within the New..although of course some would be- but not the whole.

The Events and Intervention can not be translated literally by the human mind waiting to see some Event but instead by reinterpreting the field light signalling...for instance the tones of a sun set. The fields are speaking to you constantly but they translate into a higher model of knowing for reinterpretaton.

When we open to reconnect internal and read our own light field models (yes this is your birth right and capacity to see and be beyond) you may see and interpret the light field terminologies and build a personal practical map for your own unique and specific light field orientation and placement within the Intervention.

As you map your internal light field dialogue, knowing, vision and capacity you can then synchronize to the greater collective scope of the field progressions which is all unification in applied action and deliverance which builds into your harmonization through the twin flame template and unification of the whole.

Twin Flames are guide stones for this entire progression of the Intervention and as they pivot out of FAM orientation of fixation on an external person they return to full light spectrum empowerment released from the pain and suffering of being seemingly separated and dredged by the TF template progressions enhanced mega fold via FAM dynamics.


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