When your Primary TF Marker drops out

Blessings being still upon & within the planes. WIthin the scope of TF energetics there are many perspectives/labels/descriptions of what denotes the presence of a TF counterpart energetic. Yes there will always be One signature which shines through a particular embodiment which holds the greatest scope of vibratory expansion and tonal resonance for your field as a TF Marker at a given plane. TF Energies are found in all aspects of Life as this vibration is Love combined with identifiable codes of the TF Template Design based on your soul spirit light fields. We are Beings of Light which span Human to Source we are the Rainbows, we are the Diamonds, we are the Jewel tone, we are the Rays, w

TF Intervention Light Field Translations

Realities of the Intervention pronounced in January 2018 as a time line override to clear the field obstructions of the 12D 144, 000 light field constructs of the False Ascension Matrices. Within the dispensation was the Arrival (March 17, 2018) of a new density (not dimension) model, a light field template in which those whom are aligned to the new frequencies of unification can shift off FAMs and anchor the full spectrum fields of Origin/Organic Essence into Form. Within this plane of the Otherside which is not 5D New Earth but a new more refined field of light access many new beings of light are present and many who did not activate in the Old systems are now turning on due to the presen

TF FAM and Bliss Bubble Addiction

The primary most pivotal energetic emphasis within the development and embodiment of TF energetics is to be an adept at the pivot off the *other ONE *and return to Self. As we are pivoted and wrapped into external realities of purgatory and bliss disconnect via TF activation sequences we are allowing our energies to be siphoned and manipulated via the TF template and false light lord over signatures. Until one can reconcile their energetic blue prints human to Source I AM this places more emphasis to remain fully reunited within your singular monad of Self DF/DM due to the FAMs. Due to the veiling and field separations there exists False Light Beings operating to keep TFs pivoted out stuck o

TF FAM One person only Agenda

Blessings. From the perspective that not all souls are created at the same levels of Being we would hold an expanded vision of what the Twin Flame Template Model serves and how it serves to promote Unification. Depending upon the creational tone vibration of ones soul template design the perspectives on what is a Twin Flame will differ and how the Being will transcend the fields is different and unique. So there is no right or wrong but there is an invitation to move beyond concepts floating about in the TF community that there is only One other Twin Flame whom is carried within an embodiment. While this is true for some, this does not mean that this is an absolute because the fields of pote

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