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TF FAM One person only Agenda


From the perspective that not all souls are created at the same levels of Being we would hold an expanded vision of what the Twin Flame Template Model serves and how it serves to promote


Depending upon the creational tone vibration of ones soul template design the perspectives on what is a

Twin Flame will differ and how the Being will transcend the fields is different and unique.

So there is no right or wrong but there is an invitation to move beyond concepts floating about in the TF community that there is only One other Twin Flame whom is carried within an embodiment.

While this is true for some, this does not mean that this is an absolute because the fields of potential will always open to more and beyond due to the return of the energies to the Source I AM frequencies beyond 144 000.

5D is a field marker, 12D is a field marker associated to the 144 of course which is a monadic sequence of template overlight signatures not to be confused with a literal number of just 144, 000 sets of Twins.

This feels to me is not within the consciousnesses paradigm of the One as we are all to be granted equal potential for migration within this shift of the Ages. A beings creational limitations/planes can be adjusted and the fields will always support integral returns to the Source. So why then is specialness and exclusivity being applied through the twin flame fields?

There is not a one size fits all model within the variation of Beings scopes but there is a One scope of Unified deliverance. Each being dependent upon their coding and positions do have the chance to move and be beyond independent of creational level coding as all is choice and consciousness direction within application.

Beyond the 144 000 there is the potential that we are not bound to one particular person embodying our Twin Flame field! the energies can transfer based upon the choice points of either party. It seems odd to me that Source would place all the eggs in one basket and allow the fields to Fall if the other did not step into the pairing!

This does not imply either that we dodge our work with a representative marker. The TF holding space at each phase is seen as the work at hand therefore we hold simultaneous being and non being within the model of One.

Unification works through multidimensional levels and the twin fields shift within practice of the divination at hand applied through the we can open to the beyond.

Where this idea of just One other person being our ultimate twin effects the fields is that all the counter force archonic influence what will work against the twins in this locked in focus to One specific person. Constantly manipulating, deceiving keeping twins locked into purgatory stances of waiting and wasting precious life , suffering in pain and torment - living hells...souly focused on an other One whom very well may never make the required shifts.

The energetics are therefore held pivoted out externally and no required light field momentum is held and housed within...the being becomes a source of loosh for the archonic interface-- which inhabits to 12D ranges.

So we have to hold the capacity to pivot off and open to the energetic fields and allow if need be a new version of embodiment to step in to place if the primary twin is not in reciprocation of the light field integrity of twin flames. When the other is non responsive such as they stick to the karmic relationship, are narcissistic in behavior, ghost, lie manipulate- you get the picture.

The danger is of the multiple tiered effect of the actual lock downs...people have build circles, teachers, communities, life styles all to support the TF FAMs.

I feel TF FAM is the most robust and difficult FAM to shift beyond to come back into true happiness, joy and union beyond the lock down of the One specific person agenda.

I thank those whom like to parrot my perspective shares/terminologies to instead look inside yourself and share from your unique perspectives.

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