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When your Primary TF Marker drops out

Blessings being still upon & within the planes.

WIthin the scope of TF energetics there are many perspectives/labels/descriptions of what denotes the presence of a TF counterpart energetic.

Yes there will always be One signature which shines through a particular embodiment which holds the greatest scope of vibratory expansion and tonal resonance for your field as a TF Marker at a given plane.

TF Energies are found in all aspects of Life as this vibration is Love combined with identifiable codes of the TF Template Design based on your soul spirit light fields.

We are Beings of Light which span Human to Source we are the Rainbows, we are the Diamonds, we are the Jewel tone, we are the Rays, we are the Essences.

Not all beings are designed the same and do not hold the same blueprint templates for the spectrums.

*Potential is ever in place to activate and augment.

So not all TF Union Templates are holding the same codes for activation and progressions.

If you are a being whom is transiting to activate back to Source you may encounter planes of transit where the counter part TF aspect does not step up and into the New vibration with you. This does not mean that they are not your TF of course they are. But they are no longer the Primary marker, the one you will be working with to continue to progress your vibration and scope.

When the TF Marker drops out this causes so much confusion and does feel similar to a death process. This range of soul light field is no longer walking so close to us then have stepped out. When this occurs the fields will automatically call in the next potential match. We are never abandoned once we are activated...but we can get caught in distortion and karmic processing.

Instead of stagnating in the pools of what was we must call back our energies and start to read the DM or DF fields as a whole. Each person we interact with holds keys and frequencies. If we are open we can readjust back into our flow of Unification. We can connect and exchange with others without having to grasp on to them as if they are our soul light savior. * this is false twin mechanics

See again the Love to be beyond the pain of loss and open your heart to trust and play within the energies. When a switch is in effect multiple options will come close to you and the frequency best matching will step in as the new twin flame embodiment of Marker Primary. So yes TF energetics can transfer/shift embodiment markers but this is dependent upon your design and progressions within the fields.

If once boundaries are in place and the other person does not step back to you within the shifts showing change and adaptation into mission and alignment then it is time to practice to hold open for new options.

* this is where the false light locks us to one specific person and we martyr for their return *

When a new person comes in they will hold all the templates that you have already built and activated with the first or second marker....* so you can read these identifiers to see what is presenting. They will be able to open your fields of union within the deepest of contact and exchange.

So nothing is ever lost within the TF fields if we have the stamina and power to leap into a new expression of Life and Light. Your mission will continue and your Union will continue to build the required planes of energetic orientations.

Yes this is difficult to process...dreams drop out, strong lifelines that you saw being expressed as reality drop back into the pools of potentially.

We are unlocking the upper and lower fields of Indigo Unions and will see many beings changing twin primary potentials. This will keep cycling within the progressions of the spirals for segments of loops until the fields evolve past the lower realms of knowing and being within the TF template.

We are now at such a node in the fields. This is why staying very centered in your own field and flow will assist your release and reorders into the new spectrums. If you stay stuck on old patterns you will fall into loops and repeat until you learn to move beyond and make the necessary adjustments.

Deep inside you know what is Truth for you and your being will identify for you to prepare and shift you through. So the more in contact with your Essence, being Integral to yourself you will be lead out of the repeat zones reinitialized. Key being to identify is to feel TF energetics and hold a rational presence of the Being within your now reality. * You are not to live in the ethers ungrounded to a potential which is not manifesting. This would hold out the Union fields as a whole - the fields must embody and anchor at some point.* if that takes eons for you so be it.

But can you turn back and say the Beloved that activated you and you birthed base template shifts is not your Twin? For sure you can not, they are your twin , just no longer the active primary partner... All is returned and held as Love Infinite Eternal many deepest blessings and honour.

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