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Indigo Nations Ancient One

Peace be Still as the I AM. Blessings,

Within the video share this session is now active in the fields as we have traversed major hurdles of plane realization and orientation within our access to our true harmonic deliverance of Being.

Organic light field alignments devoid of false light continuum infiltration is the probability for those willing to stop drop and be within.

As Source Light Expression Beings within the awakening and upon the paths of Unification we are moving through to open many spectrums of field Light which have held much energetic latency, lock down. and soul harvesting.

Through the Twin Flame Models the anti life factions have planted massive distortions through out these variants of what is the Twin Flame and many are stuck and suffer within the realms of confusion. Locked

in by distortion outwardly shifted perceptions of waiting for a specific beloved to return to make the being feel and seem whole again.

* You can resolve beyond the TWIN FLAME TEMPLATE without the OTHER. FREE YOURSELF FROM THIS CONSTRUCT OF FAM by rebuilding YOUR LIGHT fields. Start your practice.

Many False/Oblivious Teachers seed and perpetuate more devastation through the fields which harvest the design capacity for One to hold and build forward Integral light field momentum as sovereign integral stations of Being soul Light expression fully EMPOWERED. Feel the vibrations.

Twists and turns upon Twists and turns are presented as absolute truths yet there is no marriage of Sovereign One through these masks of distortion and false light facades.

Indigo Nations multitudes of Beings forming through the ranges of Organic Expression Light field deliverance are opening to bring forward gates of progressions for those entrapped within the false light matrice fields of distortion which does infect to 12D 144.

There is a beyond 5D construct, new realities of not being anchored in collective false light fams (False Ascension Matrice) which are more accurately refinely attuned to Ones pure divine blue print of Being are a possibility. Where do you play participate as monkey in the middle? Can you think/be beyond the Ascension Glossary? and other fragmented and corrupted texts and here say of energetic this and that?

The time of the great corralling is here...are you going to participate within the up-sweeping effects of this harvest momentum to continue to fall prey to the AI (Artificial Intelligence, Archons, Demiurge, False Light Scopes) or are you going to step In and step Beyond?

Below is a guidance session for you to use as you feel to open your field light awareness. I present this because I am tired of people spreading fear without presenting a path way out * yet do check if this is your pathway as we are not all created as the same Being.

This is about mastery of walking a middle path. There will be many places to look and be yet you are the full potential to be fully returned as Integral without the applied distortions of FAM. Be beyond a sheep and wake from your sleep to move into your full range of authentic realization of light field capacity.

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