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Intervention Field of One: Equinox updates

Intervention Field of One: Adjustments into the local bio field tones.

Stations of Regulus (Union)identify through put gate orientations (union alignments to receive the codes).

Excalibur as a divine compliment lends hues of angelic particulate grace to the mediumship body.

Through Glastonbury the local grids of Isis build to receive the complementary tone-

this looks as Black Isis earth elemental inbound corrections and calibrations to the Event Horizon.

Words synthesis through the bio particulate new nuance of essence grows the ethereal presence within the planes.

DF receive to coordinate lower field elemental bio particulate.

Coming in through the rounds of Light councils Aurora light shines new decrees.

As convergence enters the local planes events of the horizon we look to the family of origin to wash out the realms of Nicea.

Gates of Sekhmet enter local domains as the prophecies of the risen ones alchemize

to the new horizon frequencies.

Local station star gates synthesize the new realm ordering to local form and awareness.

As we enter the local domains of light consciousness through the Many

the nature fields elemental we lend shine of return to combine as the prophesies state

harmonic revival upon the planes issuing in to the day.

Particulate of emerald light hues cascade forth.

Enter the body auric fields see the horizon enter forward into the day

build the hues of the kaleidoscope of Being.

Nature the nurturance of all seeing abodes.

Tidal transference to correspond.

Where within All locality stands new shields

We see Now within the locality we issue shine of decree through the particulate

as field access new domain.

Frontiers of the Many part seas of domain held set through Regulus opposition.

Tidal tonal waves enter effect of the bio particulate as new mediumship shines forth as the Many return.

Undulations of code sequences harmonize all light ranges of nuance.

Awakening forth DM consciousness of new domain acceleration of all parties of Beyond.

Source field consciousness elongates gate thresholds of arrival wrapping perceptions intercept of nuance

gradient risen to correspond cadeusal grace.

As One plants the seed of tonal grace arc light establishing atOnement of Arrival centuries of the Abode

initiate return of fundamental frequency Golden arc consciousness.


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