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Peace in the Abode  Full Freedom from TF Effects of Suffering

Peace in the Abode

Sanctuary of Divine Love beyond the pain of being pivoted and locked out to just one significant other via the twin flame reference.

For Source Light Beings, those whom come from the Otherside to be here now the twin flame template journey is an entirely different scope and practice to those sitting at the 5D front lines.

We as Source Light Beings are beyond templating and are here to open the gates for fully realized potentially within the occurrence of the Twin Flame Template which is Unification.

We know and see the Twin Template to its origin base as we read the light fields and update our field mapping to be the Beyond because we know we are fully sovereign at Source.

We are not one soul template separated into 2, we are not held to one instance fragment of the Monad of our Twin Template represented by just one other person.

We see and know the orientations of the light fields and do not attach to go against the flow of life light expression.

We know at each realm of being who and what we are because we can see, read and interpret our energetic fields.

We have the full range capacity of our Beingness to be within the Twin Template to navigate, to seed potential to heal many ranges and we know we are beyond, we are therefore not bound to a specific outcome or person.

We free flow through all our expressions and variances. We have seen and experienced the pooling of the purgatory zones within the transitions of the realms and have used our light field capacity to shift beyond.

Ascension is mastery in applied action and to be delivered again as Source Being here on Earth fully realized to the light field scope of our many natures. Not to be held in constant suffering waiting for a special another to return home.

Blessings, again please brew up your own unique perspecitves on the fields and not parrot my shares.

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