Light Being Musing

Are all soul spirited lights created equally? If energy is not created or destroyed how is it then converted /applied/delivered into soul spirit light Being? What is the very nature of your light field composition and does this vary? Do we each hold the same design and blueprint? Or is each nature specific and unique as is your beingness? What is your design? How does our uniqueness correspond to your light field capacity and progression? How does the soul spirit light capacity lend to the potential advancement or activation of a specific vibratory range? We are beings of Many Natures. This implies we are comprised of multiple aspects of light fields which produce multiple variances and n

Peace in the Abode  Full Freedom from TF Effects of Suffering

Peace in the Abode Sanctuary of Divine Love beyond the pain of being pivoted and locked out to just one significant other via the twin flame reference. For Source Light Beings, those whom come from the Otherside to be here now the twin flame template journey is an entirely different scope and practice to those sitting at the 5D front lines. We as Source Light Beings are beyond templating and are here to open the gates for fully realized potentially within the occurrence of the Twin Flame Template which is Unification. We know and see the Twin Template to its origin base as we read the light fields and update our field mapping to be the Beyond because we know we are fully sovereign at

Being Beyond the Pain of TF ~ There is a New Life.

Welcome. We are of the Councils of Light overseeing the field light progressions of the activation of the Twin Flame Field of One Union Divine protocols and procedures enroute to manifestation of the New Earth Unified fields of realities. We are upheld by the Legends of Light, of the Angelics and Master Ray spectrums. As within, the current field light of Events, the waves of consciousness through multiple streams of awareness merge forward through this Earth plane yet this Earth plane is singular and multiple simultaneously. Particulate is a modulation of constant field light momentum within progressions as Infinite Eternal Being nature is. Therefore your realities are not all the same eve

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