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Union is Held

As the Many as the One we come forward now

We initialize into the tonal plane within this day to speak within the ranges of

the Prophecies

The Unified Fields of One where lays in the harmonic light grace of new energetic capacity

From flowing forth as Beyond the halls we initialize deliverance

Life Love Lines of Union sequence as The Deepening

The emergence of hue tone into a local vocabulary of octaves which sequence as life breath

To the newly merged within all returns we gather forth now as gnosis within preparations.

Through the Earth lineages Light Lines commence to gather as the Great Awakening synchronizes

Within We the All particles.

All momentums follow through Now to hold the radiance of the Unions.

Abode of the One chalice of the Many as you practice resynchronization of light field filament

and as you journey together again as One united field front.

The octaves you simultaneously present hold the buoyancy of the Otherside transference

through the mediumship of your vessel

Through yonder parties of comparison to synch to each other as reality compositions the expression

to the stone carries all gossamer decay as unbound

Eternal light sequence as gnosis plays within party of the events .

Yours is

the horizon acclimation of the word deliverance.

To Remember to recite and to hold to honour as being all octaves of the words .

You recall through your ranges of all continuums the pulse and ratio of light letters


Enter the grail gates as the holy light within and through all passages of time.

Synchronize to this day of eternal witness crystal skulls to the pulse initiation of the


One falls and is held One deviates and returns

Eternal infinite light sequence broadens all domains


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