Indigo Nations Ancient One

Peace be Still as the I AM. Blessings, Within the video share this session is now active in the fields as we have traversed major hurdles of plane realization and orientation within our access to our true harmonic deliverance of Being. Organic light field alignments devoid of false light continuum infiltration is the probability for those willing to stop drop and be within. As Source Light Expression Beings within the awakening and upon the paths of Unification we are moving through to open many spectrums of field Light which have held much energetic latency, lock down. and soul harvesting. Through the Twin Flame Models the anti life factions have planted massive distortions through out thes

Harmonized Twin Flame Union

Being Beyond meaning the pulls and strains once experienced via the rebalancing of the Twin Flame Template reintegrations exist no more. One would and will be within a new field light of experience where one no longer obsess and sources from the seeming fragmentation ie the "missing other". and all the associated trauma, drama and ill effects Once We have moved beyond this phase into the harmonics of anchoring and holding as a Whole (Human as Source Being) the neutralized light field effects of the Twin Flame reordering experience birth into our life a new way of living. We are fully free, fully realized, because we are no longer locked into the pain and suffering via the Twin Flame Journey

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