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Harmonized Twin Flame Union

Being Beyond meaning the pulls and strains once experienced via the rebalancing of the Twin Flame Template reintegrations exist no more. One would and will be within a new field light of experience where one no longer obsess and sources from the seeming fragmentation ie the "missing other". and all the associated trauma, drama and ill effects

Once We have moved beyond this phase into the harmonics of anchoring and holding as a Whole (Human as Source Being) the neutralized light field effects of the Twin Flame reordering experience birth into our life a new way of living.

We are fully free, fully realized, because we are no longer locked into the pain and suffering via the Twin Flame Journey. We are within the Otherside of Life as an Integrated Being. We can honestly and fully release out full specturm whom ever played the role (s) of the Beloved and open to be within Love of Life itself.

For many the grasping and fragmentation of the field ordering makes these leaps into full release and reorder via the unseen deeply fearful yet the energetics of Intervention do present another way of being, Being Beyond.

This does not mean that we will remain without love within the Otherside but instead we now Know and Love All. Twin Flame is the Source Light and not just souly carried and expressed by only one specific other person.

Release comes from knowing and being, opening to All, beyond the constructs and limitations of our pain, of our lineage, of our spectrums of our renders.

When we become fully honest and present within our life, our Light returns the gifts of our New Day within Peace, Love and Harmony of the Immersion to All.

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