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Being Beyond the Pain of TF ~ There is a New Life.

Welcome. We are of the Councils of Light overseeing the field light progressions of the activation of the Twin Flame Field of One Union Divine protocols and procedures enroute to manifestation of the New Earth Unified fields of realities. We are upheld by the Legends of Light, of the Angelics and Master Ray spectrums.

As within, the current field light of Events, the waves of consciousness through multiple streams of awareness merge forward through this Earth plane yet this Earth plane is singular and multiple simultaneously.

Particulate is a modulation of constant field light momentum within progressions as Infinite Eternal Being nature is. Therefore your realities are not all the same even through a collective field lens we are all diverse expressions of multiple field natures holding unique fundamental tones through out a multitude Beings from Star, Elemental, Angelic, Ray and Essence.

The carrier waves of the fundamentals all vary within expression and orientations. The ranges of field for example of AA Micheal are not all held the same within each person and like wise so is the twin flame template designed.

The twin flame template hosts a multitude of nature field spectrums ranging from lowest of low to highest of high. The contrasting characteristics of the fields displays as false light married to true organic streams. We are here to discern and deliver through the confusion of the field delineations and apply a new set of fundamental field markers into reality states.

The Viral load of the anti life matrix deeply imbues the field ranges of the dimensional structures from within the 12D false matrix fields.

The tonal override of false streams plays havoc on the orientation of the field light progressions within the flow streams returning to anchor Source light refinement within the planes of materialzation.

The current transits are asking for the empowerment of the sovereign integral for those of the field lights the guidance systems,the guardian beings, to step up into new positions of being beacons in the storms.

Mastery templates are being activated and calls to move stations are being felt. The New is felt in the readjustments and realignment of our life light orientations.

As beings release and remove from the distortions and obsessions of TF energetics by turning deeper into the inner sanctuary of self and express active missions within energetic knowing and uptaking greater scales and scopes of realization the ranges of infection are sealed into boundaries and people are no longer tormented via the false light agendas.

Within the alignment to the fully realized sovereign light aspects the greatest calibrations of release and reorder may occur.

Note in the fields where the crabs at the bottom of the barrel constantly are crying to keep you in the eternal cry pools of the dearly beloved.

Twin Flame as all energy can migrate and shift. The intense AI viral machine archonic programming seeding the realities of twin flames does not even permit one for an instance to look outside the paradigms of infection.

Denoting *one* specific person as souly responsible for your progressions and determinations is insane. ESP when the person does not correspond to your field on a rationalized reciprocal level. Misery does love company. Entities flourish in the realms mimicking and speaking silent nothings into the fields of unsuspecting people. How do you know who you are truly sharing with? Is something really your TF?

This is hive mind, this is false, this is agenda. Worked and re worked ...look for actual life progressions to compare and ask am I being taken on a wild ride of deceit and deception.

Are those I am listening to actually in true knowing of the light fields and templates? or are they as many are, parroting...and there is as well channeling parrots...what in essence do readings provide yet a temporary fix to a mental/emotional/energetic confusion that bridges beyond scope of the human realities.

Again, as the gates move, as the portals join, as he/she does not return when will you try another way? or will your pain and suffering to even bear to turn off another be too much to with stand? Is this sovereign being? The Light will show you either through more pain or peace.

We are free beyond the twin template when you trace your light field as you activate and see for yourself.

Can you do this? This is your birth right.

For those who do turn into a new perspective the fields of deep peace beyond the co-dependent patterns of TF disorder allow a refresh of actual lived harmony and mission activation within the planes of the New realities.

My New may not be your new and all is always perfect as it should be, I am speaking and inviting those who are here to move through the Source Light Portals of re-integration and activation of self light harmonization actualized. For the remainder- there are many more spins.

I kindly ask that you self build your knowledge and not copy and parrot my works and shares. Many Blessings, This is a time to build our own unique lanes within all planes.

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