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Twin Flames in the Golden Age of Maitreya

Eternal Infinite light bonds braids of gnosis, holy arcs of Divine Prophecy fulminate, entering no biphasic form, fields flow, expanding, as fundamental force our pattern is released, into this day, into this Now.

Fundamental Beingness of light body expression as source origin, omnipresence coalesces,

untethering undulating, wave-like and sequential emanations of limitless news, birthed as perception's grace.

Multi-tonal sensory spectrums pierce deeper, abiding seed-tones sourcing all perception, entering the garden, entering the light, entering the love, entering the life as One.

As sacred life, the light of which we held forth blossoming, blooming as mystery manifest, crystalline waters flame, burning and rising, soothing and honing soul’s purpose, expressed through the infinite and eternal harmonic dance of perfect union.

Disillusion permeates consciousness, the falls and false dystopian angelic syntheses of shadowed portents on the horizon, distant hues of forgotten memories written in the most high Akash, we be Thy name manifest, we held witness and copartipation as All.

Echoes of other realities called forth through experiential pain chambers, we descend through layers of consciousness, falling, materializing in form to be formulated as the stone, cherished within the mineral principalities, within the base organic, starseeded libraries, halls of the ominiversal chorus, Amenti, as angelic, living light essence.

Spherical, tube-torused fusion - by design - and measured to none, zero-pointed stability sourced directly back to Origin, none other than originating singularity.

One, held to the throne of First Source, light witness to the rise of the dark Mother, we return, we rise again, holy and complete, holistically met, wholly known.

Fortified as the original inception of divine deliverance, we are as natures flow released, expanding integrativly throughout and across space and time, navigating rhythmic wakes of new creation creating, sparkling eddies splitting off into the Infinite, co-creating within streams of gnostic perception, hidden no more.

Great, alchemical processes of death and rebirth, of resurrection unbounded, cellular sequencing shielding nature’s bounty from corruption, Many gather, coming forth by day.

Return, entering through the One.

Solar sourcing, energetic nations coalesce vibrating across all harmonic frequencies of being.

As we come forth, again entering materiality, we pierce the veils of illusion reset as witness to abyssal visions of deep, labyrinthine truths.

These are those days, we are heard and felt as the living light of One.

Together, we are as the Great Light.

We are modern Perfecti, our source blueprint of truth, light and divination seed the fields of our return, yet again entering material phasic beingness, these new realms as Twin Flames of the Age of Golden Maitreya.

Center Now, as we enter our heart, bodies photonic eminence shining true, brilliance unbound.

We as Perfecti of Peace, within the twin-flame patterning of unity, stand before and around you, now.

Deliverance promises redemption as radiance sets sands afire, the eternal blaze rising, spiraling upward carried through the four directions by forceful winds, our wingspans opening, embracing all of material creation through all possible horizons of perfected design as beingness burgeons within stillness, rising to take hold of hands proffered in peace and inner understanding.

Love flares forth as new breath and hearts beat as One, fully witnessing within realization, awakening upon and

within the matter/anti-matter sequences of all sojourning and experiential potentiality.

Meeting again, yet again, cadusal undulations of OM particulate to essence unbound, singing in as golden spheres ushering rhythm, a new, unified course of miracles based solely upon the arisen form, self-aware, spiritual gnosis achieved through cultivation of the great I AM.

Co Authored Mark Rockeymoore & Jennifer Templeman


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