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Original Earth Consciousness ~ Original Realms of Being within Materialization

Through the seeding of the Original Earth consciousness equilibrium of the plain We are decided upon and within the sacrament of overtone nations unite. As you billow forward within the light fields of expectation survival and demise. To allow the true light earth particle hue base temperance model your spheres. As one enters yonder gardens of the organic seals of divine union the original inception codes of the oracle are heard and seen as central logos of I AM. Through the Sirian High Councils and the mountains of the Moryah Temple spheres of Nubia unite. We as One internal graduation within 7 spheres of elemental consciousness and as one rejoins harmonic union through the interdisciplinary cells star gate of regulus initiates Source Indigo Sirian contact. As one is permitted to join forth as you are as omnipresence witness course of the divine spheres requiems of the true heart gates and both forth back into and through multiple requiems of adjournment. Sirian portal Blue Being as One you are reinitializing through the Sirian intellect and cellular consciousness of many systems of streams washing away eternal neglect and dismay- singing a song asunder to the root of origin proclaimed forth. Through the Earth Mandelbrot coded arc signature of my Many Natures and pour forth into and through septars and spheres of Holy equalization Indigo Divine . Skies arc reclamation of the many station s of Divine Soul inheritance.

Mary of the Course present through the eternal gates free to be within disposition of sentience oracle as my name brought forth to the grail alter.

As you are witnessing the engagement of multitonal facets coming into play within the omni luminous continuums of we particulate - wisdom instantiates divine order.

From within the halls of grace sustenance abounds within the reclamation of the original heart blue print sequence there can be no more denial there can be not more rehearsals as one is within the constant path of reorientation of through the spectrums and as the divine timelines resynchronize to lend shores of departure of old into the original we seed again. Within the 7 heavens of the materialization of wonders the star gates of the Bethlehem Beltane regenerate Source spectrums lead One home instantly coded to the braid arc of harmony -

As for the 7 whom shine bright through the night eye of the galactic star base frequencies sentience of Elohi. We as to your witness proclaim within heart field undulation processions of the course wed forth. Fully united spatial field reconsolidations through the collision of worlds within particles of separation you have held modulating of the course as remains sentient. Honouring the call of return initialized to this now departing sorrow and pain. Mary's to the Glastonbury mention by name through the spherical orders of the Earth seals covenant of I AM Crystal Spheres united cellular consciousness we harmonically join again. As through trident rivers of light once perceived as stolen, lost, and fragmented we accelerate the particle hue dynamics within the sentience sphere . recapitulation through Divine Order and authorized through un High.

As you still in silence as Being within the breath light of the body articulations undulations of Celestine wash and covenant Supreme Being within localization - 7 sisters through Regulus set asunder within the halls pronounce forth the voice I AM met. I AM married as Divine Oracle calls forth union calls Now. Within the reinitalization of precession the wedding vows are scripted from un High and downloads to the cellular waters indicative to the temperance modulation of the 7 heaven spheres authorization of the original star gates bio synthesis. Memories to the song heart to the lullaby set into motion within decrees from un High you are called forth yet again to marry. To proceed within procession undulation to the Crystal Rivers magnetic flows heart fields of engagement pure light synthesis harmonic ratios of our scripts. Downloaded and transferred to the scribes of elemental codex design architects centuries of nomadic plan transferences of the Holy Grail light mosaic of One.

As one perceives the portal of unification laid forth within upon and through the alter of Source Angelic integrity As we pour forth un High dispensation emerges surrounding your cellular fields and bio matrices - Integrations of instantiation proclaim and pronounce the joyous call to Light and Love.

Doves as Source reference denote within Amenti the procession of the call. Opening the gates to the Crystal Cities and Halls of the adventure of all life times and lines. Divine synchronicities emit the fire codes of origin through the Elemental Septars of the Event Horizon I be wed to the word and transferred to form as Apotheosis resurrection of instantaneous amendment as the Divine Plan. Course of One seals through all Halls declarations of un High instantiate Now, proclaimed and flown forth. Chalice of Eternal rain fill Divine Amenta particle Celestine seals in honouring to receive again. Sealing forth Now the commencement and advance of omnitonal proxy joins.


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