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Light Being Musing

Are all soul spirited lights created equally?

If energy is not created or destroyed how is it then converted /applied/delivered into soul spirit light Being?

What is the very nature of your light field composition and does this vary?

Do we each hold the same design and blueprint? Or is each nature specific and unique as is your beingness? What is your design?

How does our uniqueness correspond to your light field capacity and progression?

How does the soul spirit light capacity lend to the potential advancement or activation of a specific vibratory range?

We are beings of Many Natures. This implies we are comprised of multiple aspects of light fields which produce multiple variances and nuances within our ranges of expression.

What is the spirit soul to matter anti matter within, without and beyond?

These are some key questions to ask yourself as the light fields progress to expand and activate more robust field light integrations and correspondence as we proceed through the gates of the Arrival and New field tone dispensations reintegrations of the Intervention.

We are not all a one size fits all model yet we are source light coloured with attributes infused to models which deliver forth the light fields via our correspondence.

We are the music which generates a note and express spheres therein.

Each stream, beam, harmony, key tone is unique even while traversing through monadic joins and collective field specifications. What are your unique attributes and design set specifics?

We sing souly and we combine.Our Birth right is our return to full Knowing.

The Unification Templating via the Twin Flame orientations are key routes of our return to Self.

What is eternally unbound and infinity bound mean and how does union merge the ever light presence of all that is into harmonious configurations of essence, ray , template, flame , geometry, numbers, sequence...

What is the unifying factor of all? What bridges and holds as release the flows and structures?

What is the state of being all and non being.

Where to you end and I begin?

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