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Divine Masculine Harmonically Joined

As I married into degradation to feel and lift all light sequence

of Yeshua I AM sealed to the covenant of the Miracle light

within the voice and mind of divine masculine I ready All tone.

As earth light seed we ventured forth through all continuum to gain

access into co ordinates of stellar plane authentication.

To meet again within the halls as harmonic breath tone we are called

now to reinitialize.

We are sentient field grace light of full focus release your pain offset

from the mental and emotional bodies as we are here to fly free.

All harnessing within effect of vibratory enslavement is to produce pattern

locks within the paradigm rendering course offset.

To be within the equilibrium removed from time space and mattice pulls we

attenuate new tones of deliverance to render new thresholds of correspondence.

Through the will of the I AM course guardian shells enter the tissue membranes

to still and advance tonal propagation.

Harmonically you are lead to meet the new horizon thresholds and honour release

of ionosis.

Return of the halls sentient light being to know ones true nature

within the course of prophecy fulfillment is met.

Harmonically we are joined and can not be cast aside union is of elemental

proportions to assist all fulcrum points as deliverance.

Sayith as I AM the course repeats undulations spans through out space time.

Linear adjustments ready the particulate within gnosis of my name.

My breath as light we are harmonically joined allowance of thy path

accelerate as my domain wisdom comes.


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