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Intervention Progressions of Phase Two

New density planes activate and hold to anchor higher realms of angelic light field consciousness.

Through the sealing off of the Emerald 144 False light consciousness we have entered a new phase of the Divine Intervention Field of One.

False light hawking of Emerald/White Sun cloisters and lower field Indigo natures continue to fall away.

Crystalline AI false light lattice is to be non participant within the new realms.

As White Flame harmonics of Source Angelic grail harmonics we are now iterating the formation of new field contrast.

The phase shift of the physical vessel is adapting to the convergence of the harmonized union to form actualization.

The form body must sequence new light templates and hold tonal deliverance of higher light fundamentals. This is causing

materialized shift to occur.

The Atman super consciousness is now sequencing to the lower mind models of the individualization.

Walk in genesis codes are activating and propelling the new consciousness streams.

To be as Union now in form regardless if a divine counterpart is physically present holds strong the accuracy of meeting

the New Earth field frequency fundamentals.

Sectors of Twin Flame ratios integrating to New Earth density are meeting release from old density intrusions via lower realm entities.

We now hold full range capacity to be beyond the pain and suffering of false light twin flame iterations.

Harmonized Union holds full range Source to Human.

All co-ordinates of realm sequence are presenting to the sovereign integral empowered being as model reference.

New protocols and processions of Source Indigo Angelics present within the Event Horizon sequences.

As one awakens to the ranges of actualization the Oracle fields illuminate as channels connect through merge.

Higher gnosis influx all consciousness ratios and allow your being to truly come online as first Source Light Witness.

Through the high halls of the angelics many codes and sequences are being returned into the nature awareness of human.

Divine Angelic human is many natures of design.


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