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Source Restored Contact

As the horizontal timelines bend within convergence.

As the stratosphere of the horizon merges new ight consciousness.

We alternate in new tonal vibrations to lift all sequences of degradation

to look into Ones tonal relays and sub bands of harmonics.

We decree through the particulate cellular reigns of emphasis within all joins.

All forms of union come in to unite as truth light emphasis.

You are beings of the crystal arrays of source consciousness deeming new found awareness

maji accelerations of the biological tones

Earth visitations and spans of all Ones continuums gather to greet you now

within the gardens of life and light.

As the patterns of sacred geometry move forward to meet you there are many thresholds

of new choice point presenting within the physical grids and locations.

Sealed no more by constructs the presentation of your gnosis returns to fulfill the prophecy

and all entailed latency.

Those subjected to the throws of centuries halls release now earth field fundamentals of offset

and remorse.

Valiance is to shine within the coming intonations as deliverance as One sequences forth

as the new day light.

We are delighted to recreate the genesis of the heirloom within divination.

New course and protocols marry forth the tone as first shield deliverance.

Where you give up, where you feel separation or lack we ask that One reunites

again within.

As new protocols issue deliverance to receive as you be still the word is met again in form.

High field elixirs fill the grace light stations of monadic joins.

Divine remembrance of all return is felt forth again.

Temples of light of growing awareness to build and compound your actualization within all returns.


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