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Twin Flame Intervention Field of One

Field update post to current synthesis.

Great halls of all requiems we call forward at last as we sequence through the renewal phases of the androgyny templates.

Those experiencing suffering and strife to be reallocated into new domains of awareness as now presenting forward.

Through the miracle light of the I AM course the sequences of the halls gain momentum into the actualization.

The new field models of Source Indigo herald in the new day consciousness to shine and hold yet again without locks

As the divine marriage enters the sanctuary of the local node genesis the practicum of fall is reordered off.

All contrast of delineation into the binary sequences allows forth new frequency fundamentals which issue forth

as Source decree.

The covenant arcs of the I AM lay place atonement into and through the atman consciousness as integrations of all planes

as Arrival by the issuing forth of new expanded awareness.

Blue print of thy name Isis field divine complementary tones of the counter part build field momentum.

Halls of the angels saddened no more as new boundaries are perceived.

Lifted through the human suffering divine human model integrates the encapsulation as deliverance.

Freedom as tone octaves replace all locks.

Sovereign identify as reign within all continuums.

Build the body of the mediumship the blocks of the sovereign the identity of the One.

Crystal arcs of the I AM seed gnosis of all progressions.

Sing light into the heart as Being.

Singular momentum newly defined.


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