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Twin Flame Light Field Work Fundamentals ~ Pivot Within

From within the practice of the actualization of twin flame harmonics we are here to remember our first source light contact through our singularity as primary fundamental.

Through the expression of twin flame engagement our various levels of energy fields become entangled, fragmented and pivot to lock to the external physical marker of whom we deem as our divine counter part.

This lock effect in essence is applied separation mechanics via the twin flame template. We will not come into union when we have separated and continue to hold separated our field energetics as applied to someone else.

We can not come into union if we constantly give our power away in the name of twin flame.

Within multiple levels we are tormented and torn via the twin flame activations. We are to recognize when we are shifting our energy onto another because we are feeling self lack.

We are to correct this lack by viewing our light field and asking for the correction to be shown to us.

For this light work we must become still and shift our awareness into center.

We must open through the heart and imagination to see what the light is communicating to us via symbology.

We are to realize twin flame separation and return within to do the required energy work to balance and stabilize

our energy fields.

In this linked video presentation is an activation to pivot back within to center to realign your union.


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