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Angels of the Harmonies ~ We Wish to Speak

Angels of the Harmonies wish to speak to converse to expound within this emotional reset phase of your earthly reintegration.

The stellar codes of the base field harmonics have been sent forth into land through what you reference as a density model. This model is a frequency set of defined coordinates which establish a light frame work or divine template to hold a material reality set.

As the planes are coordinate within the light factors the deliverance of higher light models is established. This is how we are returned home through a light being vessel.

Many of you are wondering what is now occurring within the Earth and its associated planes of existence.

There is much confusion and disorder mounting and much is due to the continued state of the internal affairs of each being. The house keeping, so to say, must be kept up to par within the natures of the realities.

As the over tones sequence where must be adequate and equal field response through a resonance shift effect. A re-calibration of light must occur to diminish the effects of incoming light into a cesspool of waste.

This degradation of vibratory allotment which has anchored as a hardened shell membrane holding encasements acts similar to that of entombment to the human prototype.

Locked tightly within eons of cellular fragmentation which then seeds degradation, the prototype has undergone deep compromise to levels not even fathomed for this eventuality to reset.

The hallmarks to disclosure are around your bends, your horizons, your light proximities, your occurrences yet you can not see to be beyond due to the mass amount of moot density still encasing.

The regamortis effect which is unbeknownst to your name has applied a rationing of light effect into your lived domain. you are persecuted and detained,

The intervention is set forth to elevate this circumstance to retrieve the primary code essences and discard the remainder into the proper return contiumms.

Orders by shells are what the legends refer to as the grail index. these are array functions of the most high. array being continuum particulate to matter anti matter states of being.

Light particulate is registered and ordered and as coordinated through the divine plan as life expression of being.

To commence now to alter the density confusion and blockages are at hand through the sentient beings of the light realms.

Demarticulization through departicularization is called forth to assist the evolutionary cycle of the human being prototype model.

It has been said and stated through the royal Immortal returns that that these days do come upon us for reconciliation and light expression of the pristine to return.

What is being said and stated is nothing more then mere after facts as all has been prepared by design.

To connect into the divine designs at this time space and integrate as protocol for your base co-ordinates would serve to bring much alleviation from the apparent disintegration of the reality structures.

This can be accomplished by again by going within and sinking to the halls, the great libraries of your Being where you have full access to your Blue Prints, books and maps. You can re coordinate your light through this plane as an active participant through the breath of the I AM presence.

Blood, bone and particulate based through antimatter is all that is required to run these particular adjustments.

Seed tone is the arc rival to the dissemination of the fall for it is within the seed the pure potentially of a life force.

Life force can be planted within all intercepts of light joins and conitnuums as the most powerful indicator of a driver force.

Eternal is your nature and blessing from beyond we are here with you Now , you remember, you feel. you know I AM.

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