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Arrival of Union

As field progressions of the Divine Intervention Field of One, New Twin Flame Templates now open into a fully realized field of potentiality we are here to hold alignment as the phase shifts integrate through the realities.

For those holding the light sequences of the Intervention wave front there are field openings presenting where Union Divine is now a fully activated potential. This effect brings in the tones of Union via a reset processing. We now hold a knowing of Union and the Light presence through our fields of awareness.

This is beyond the lower field TF dynamics of but when will he arrive to bring in the union? This is a mission set orientation for the greater good of all via the collective grid interfaces of the Divine Protocols to establish Unification within the Earth density planes.

These are new realities, beyond what some call 5D New Earth. These are Original Blue Print realities of First instance Light spectrums.

The Union can now be felt through the fields as increased presence of the other but there are strict alignments to hold or stay in one's lane. This degree of mastery presenting through the fields to hold full spectrum autonomy will show immediately field deviations, distractions and compromise.

While all Light is reflected and all waves of Twin Flames will pick up on the Intervention the degrees in which they will come into full reunion of Light spectrum is dependent upon how much work and correction one applies to the field alignments as well as base code energetics.

Twins may pop back into the reality seemingly united (yet only partially) and will be met with messy energetic interactions due to the debris still present within the light field spectrum. These unions will not be fully harmonized and experience false light infections and distortions until the fields are calibrated across the thresholds of New Union.

This year is the manifestation of the empowerment of the Sovereign Integral and we all must come into our own unique lanes of energetic mastery holding our specific references to our Divine Blue Prints.

We no longer will be able to hawk and manipulate others as this will generate field corralling and Fall dynamics. So seals and boundaries are an imperative and this will start within the Union specifically and work outwards.

Migratory passage of field evolution will permit those updating to restructure and release from Fall Loops and Old Time lines yet the pull out from the back wash will make this process ever increasingly harder to process through.

So now for the Wave of the New these are days of rest and integration as the full body spectrums are balancing and ordering. Grant the human some peace and allowance to be, knowing missions are activating and the plans will be downloaded. Patience and release...we can not push or manipulate the fields any longer.

This will be a time of great reconciliation, departures, separations and reordering....being safe and secure within the abode of Self is key and primary. Love your life and light experiencing the Beyond Reality and do not allow yourself to be disturbed by those who have not paid attention, ignored or manipulated. Doors are closed, locks are changed and we will see you in the next round.

As Union presents so does greater light field responsibility within reliability. Mastery is an honor to uphold with great integrity and power.

Many Blessings

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