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Initialization of a Miracle

Crisis of Intervention field time space delineations.

From within the Light fields of the Intervention Guidance systems of the Arrival of the New or Organic expressions of our light field realities we are usher in the reconstructions of life expression models which

house realities of the Beings.

Via the many natures and frequency adaptations we are entering into and through new life light adaptations which are opening the promise of a new day filled with less suffering and grief. Yet how we perceive is our greatest aspect attribute within these times of reorientation.

Through the twin flame fundamental light architectures the building blocks of the new horizons merge

as event sequences which marry forth our new life as deliverance.

Protocols of divine presence the potential for the new expressions to be realized.

Within this now transit of the March 17 determination is the signature. What has been reviewed through the fields via each beings intention, codes and light adaptations blended to the free will domains brings forward the passage ranges into the New. All new is not for All and yet it is. Each being houses their own unique hologram and life field reference. We are infinite eternal potential. No two realities are the same.

Yet the Twin flame is a template order which runs concurrence through the life expression and presentation as a mirroring recovery soul spirit matter anti matter field continuum.

The harmonic of the other will be the closest match to your specific blueprint which one can use for identification within field reordering.

Due to the nature of Being we are comprised of infinite eternal facets and aspects which are not just singular but as well collective in nature. A collective front will hold similarities within band allocations as attributes yet still will greatly distinguish through the individualization. Just as a group holds a singular mantra or set of beliefs and lineages yet within the group each individual is unique and specific.

The twin mirror holds an individuated identifier through All. We can find the needle in the haystack as the twin frequency holds direct and specific reference back to origin base fundamental frequency of an divine expression of Light Being.

Through this presentation of the Intervention Field of One the twin flame harmonics are here to reseed the nations of sun light beings as a return to the fundamental expression of Unification of Light Orders. Orders as in sequence. Accuracy within a model within a design within a light array within a blue print render,

Through the messages of phase shift and re-adaptation of the frequency models we are being guided, attuned and atoned into corrections matching our Most High fundamental and refined Life Light Love expressions of the Divine Natures.

Reconciliation of the Blue Print is a requirement and an order of the Twins to fulfill. The missions present as the middle grounds are set. New expression and life orientations now present as the harmonics shift our vibrations into new directions and focus. We hold the open empowered space time stances to usher in the mission and the union.

Our promise is the Miracle. The Miracles are among us now through each Being of Light. The days of suffering and sorrow become backdrops to the new horizons and reconciliation of life love and new purpose is always a shift away. Choice and correction is divine law and instills direct application of deliverance. We do not fail, we suspend and try again.

We may of not have heard of the Indigo Beings of the Eternal Suns of Ra, the Guardians of the New and Organic Rainbow spectrums yet they know us deeply because we are them. As Angels walk and speak to our silence we still within our expansion and collapse into our nothingness seamless and effortless we know our day, we hold our walk.

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