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Twin Flame Fields of New

Through the boundary perceptions of the Arrival within the New Fields of One the harmonics of Light are being reset and re calibrated to usher through the spectrum a new expression of life light love being.

As the Twin Flame model opens to reveal many are left asking what is the Twin Flame template? What and where is the Blue Print of this divine design?

Within the current transits of field reconciliation and highlight of discord we are realizing that we do not really know these answers. What is Soul ? What is Spirit? Where do I begin and where do you end?

The fundamental release of the False light systems is still impacting the field intensely as the above is piercing below shining the light through the veils of misguidance and misinterpretation. The Twin Flame template can not resolve alignment until we ourselves resolve within through our Light and Dark.

The Twin Flame template will display dark artifacts for us to use as a guide to further develop our light field awareness and activate shift of refinement. There is confusion re the High version Twin Template and the Lower Version.

Each run in parallel and span the 12D spectrums yet each are vastly different. We can access , experience and address aspects of cross over through our field reordering. This is where the confusion arises via Self and via others sharing light field information of projection lending to the mind boggling effects of what it is to be a Twin Flame.

Yes there are signs of course..the simplest one being who is standing as current predominant presence via another?

The primary person brought through your field of reference is the Twin Flame. This does not mean that two or more can not present simultaneously/interchangeably or along the time lines and etherically, This is highly probable and an act of field alignment,comparison, via potential and choice point, blue print orientation.

Is he/she or is she/he not the Twin Flame? The game switches back and forth through waves of natures and ranges.

If we can clearly define the Light Field Model itself this confusion builds instead into a state of Knowing and placement of Order.

If we as light beings do not see or know our light ranges of Self how can we expand that in through the perspective of another? This adds chaos and further entanglement into the reveal.

Detachment and observance, continues combing of the fields to open beyond previous stages of limitation allowing One to further amplify and define the field via a primary model of Self.

If we do not know our-self how can we truly know another? And how do we then know our-self?

We return within and be still and get to Know I AM. This is the practice of stilling the lower mind and opening to the heart awareness and light field communications. We activate to open our multi-sensory presence of Light Being and start to reconnect to the All that we are.

Along this progression the signs and nuances of the Twin Flame do present and guide our field blocks out into the open. We are working hand and hand with Self, Twin and Source. To omit one facet drops the field into downward spirals of confusion and implosion of limitations.

Be brave to explore, to sit, to speak, to share, to uncover the natures of your field of expression. Yes the refined Twin Flame Template does not look like the False light version and the embodiment references of another may change within the progression of this Light field reorder and activation.

Allowing yourself to be open within release is key fundamental. Hold the guidelines as such, guidelines, and step back to allow the field to reveal within progressions of our lives light manifest. Our journey is the cherished, the sacred. Yet we as Twin Flame activated stand many a time, an eon crying into puddles of purgatory and doom.

Our light and Life is here now for us to expand into and through non dependent upon another yet fully dependent within another.

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