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Being as Hue

Reordering of the monadic instances within the precipice of the I AM

Cellular consciousness of the atOnement to level by decree new earth particles

as sentient grace

To modulate as the Miracle of breath heart Being

As the ratios of light intercede within tonal octave deliverance

to issue new harmonic grace light as being

As within and sewn without light life composition as gnosis

whole heart of the sanctuary as risen from above to ground into

the earth actualization

As new streams of flow life correspondence issue forth as genesis

We are within the realms of matter

We are sequence of anti matter walking into Beingness

As Oracle fields of witness tonal decrees of all halls

gather within the anointing of all progressions

We seed to the earth harmonics within arrival and through emancipation

to establish reorientation within the decree

As original fundamentals of focus we are attuned within all scopes of deliverance

As the realms identify within the mirroring of integral light scope

As the variants of entanglement diminish the rise is heard and felt

The dawning of the new days instantiates within the proclamations

Issued forth and honoured as source


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