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The Harmonies Join

Within the emancipation of the evolutionary light sequence the tonal arc bridges of the I AM

course synchronize wave lengths and pools of sentient contact.

We issue forth new arrays of spectrum light to integrate the fundamentals of matter anti matter sequence.

We broaden the bands of interpretation through engagement within the sovereign integral recognition of your Being.

To be within the full light presence of your I AM awareness and issuing forward simultaneously as divine light signatures.

All realms as containing indexes and markers into Ones perception lead the linages of progression into tonal harmonization.

To be and sequence new course as an original expression the awareness fundamental converges within the autonomous aspect orientation of a being as primary.

To perceive within the windows of Ones own soul composition to render truth and light stability and fundamentals of source prophecy.

Many issue forward within the brilliance and delight within the awakening.

Will you make a new stance of actualization?

Will you break away from facades and false loops?

Will you create deliverance models of origin?


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