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White Wings of Isis

From the interpretations as White Isis lineages of Light.

We pronounce through the Wings to carry the Excalibur tones into initialization.

We are sequences of deliverance codes to carry the exodus into fruition.

We elevate through transcendence as the Miracle tone of our breath light being molecules

within the receptors of your models you see our sequences.

We are all One eternal light braids of consciousness the components of our gnosis

of recognition the divine mirror of all halls.

We issue forth now within the Wings new momentum into the horizon to lift the cellular

veils of illusion and contradiction.

Where the fall has engaged your focus to be separated within the divine union we deliver

new intonation into the particulate.

The body and the blood of the I AM miracle transfers is here now to reunite.

As the word the flesh is sewn as particle gradients rippling as wave fronts merged

as vectors and sequenced within phase.

The shift of alteration and the promotion of new tonal deliverance to elevate from

lock down and sheltered perspectives.

I Am as the molecule reordered to the I AM course fundamental.

Sit forth through our Halls and synchronize as the Many we are met and returned yet again.

New interpretations for monadic render lifting off strife and conflicting vibrations

Enter the gnosis of the light lineages of your arc fundamentals within divine light sequence

allow the body to show you again the halls of your specific orders.


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